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I am superior in every possible aspect... including (but not limited to) begin stupid

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  • Monday
    Abathur but ponies

    Abathur wakes up in Ponyland, as a pony

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  • 13 weeks
    Pony_TxT, 1548 Iterations; Queen Chrysalis... A royal guard!?

    [1548 | 40771.50] loss=2.56 avg=2.71
    Saving checkpoint/Pony_txt/model-1548
    ======== SAMPLE 20 ========

    ores, a royal guard of which Queen Chrysalis was a member, took to the air with a roar to greet a few ponies who had gathered in the small park. As for the rest of them, they had to keep silent when they saw the unicorn queen in the small courtyard of the palace.

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  • 13 weeks
    Pony_TxT, 1164 Iterations; rolled back some changes

    [1164| 641.11] loss=3.71 avg=3.71

    ======== SAMPLE 20 ========

    “If you’re worried about not getting the most that we can do with the resources we possess, then why not start saving your magic and enchantments to help us?” I asked, hoping to make the moment more interesting.

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  • 13 weeks
    Pony_TxT Corpus Source

    List of authors whose story I love and/or I find of an acceptable cuality to feed to Pony_TxT

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  • 13 weeks
    Pony_TxT, 651 Iterations; I fell asleep and it stopped midway damnit

    [651 | 31565.31] loss=2.72 avg=2.87
    Saving checkpoint/Pony_txt/model-651
    ======== SAMPLE 1 ========

    written, the letter had to be addressed by one of the royal guards to which she addressed her letter to the royal guard.

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First post · 2:37am Feb 3rd, 2018

it is officially, from this point and forward, i am a content creator and not only the content insatiable Black hole of fanfictions, i am finally writing!

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