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A Few Reopened Scares · 5:45am Feb 2nd, 2018

First off, I have to say I don't know Toonkritic very well, though I do recall enjoying some of his content. If you don't know what happened then just go on youtube, there are a few videos that will explain everything. All I can say is that involved some inappropriate activities with a minor.

Again, I'm not trying to say that I had any connection to him or any ties for that matter.

What I will discuss is the pain I am feeling currently. Now as a few of you might know, I've had family and friends who were sexually abused. My cousin, my ex-girlfriend from long ago and some christian friends I know at camp. For those of you who have not had such connection, I will tell you there are a lot of emotions that occur. You feel anger. You feel sadness. You feel helplessness. You want to protect them but you know there is nothing you can do, the deed is done and you can never undo the horror the abuser has done to them. :fluttershysad:

Eventually these scars heal, but they are always there.

Today, I was just looking at some stuff on Deviant Art, and saw a poll on this subject. The poll was vague on what happened so I did a search on youtube and found out what happened. Finding out what happened opened up those old scars for me. Old memories and emotions rushing back. I want to cry.:fluttercry: I WANT TO SCREAM!:flutterrage: I want to protect but I am too weak. :ajsleepy:

Now after some research of I have learned that it would seem that this person has done more then a few bad things. This one thing that alerted everyone was just the tip of the iceberg. Apparently he has been abusive of some other girls as well.

All I'm going to say is to remember this. You actions have consequences, not just for yourself, not just the person you are hurting, but also those around you. Sin affects everyone around you. Please let this be a reminder that no matter how much power or fame we can acquire in this fandom or any fandom, that we can fall just as easily. We must not let our pride go to our heads.

While I am hurting, I urge you all not to reach out to me (though you are certainly welcome to), but to reach out those who were hurt by this person. They could all use your help right now.

I know hardly anyone is going to see this blog (as far as I know only a few of you read these anyway), but I hope you will go find those that were harmed by this incident and reach out to them and give them your support. They need it.

Thank you for reading this message.

I hope you all have a good day.

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