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  • Thursday
    Progress of sorts...

    ... well, not on the heartbeat thing, except that I felt terrible yesterday and, at the moment, feel pretty good. Hopefully I have more like now and less like yesterday until I get that ultrasound.

    But no, what I mean is: yesterday I sat down with KSP and finally flew CSP Mission 21, aka "Dragonfly's Glory."

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  • Thursday
    Update on the heartbeat thing.

    The first opening they had was during my next convention trip- as in, not this weekend's, but Labor Day weekend's.

    So I'm going to have to wait for three weeks.

    And I won't know how much I'll have to co-pay for this until next week at least.

    Until then, my own medical paranoia gets to run free and play...

    4 comments · 73 views
  • Tuesday
    Irregular heartbeat confirmed.

    For the first time in my life, I saw a cardiologist today.

    He confirmed the finding on the EKG I had two weeks ago: "right branch bundle block." In short, something is making it difficult for the bundle of nerves that tells the right side of my heart to send blood to my lungs to do its job.

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  • 13 weeks
    Today's popularity check...

    Ranking based on rating, as of 2 PM Central time today:

    Changeling Space Program: #61
    An Orderly Transfer of Power: #913
    The Maretian: #1,786
    My Flight: #4,678
    For Love of the Love of the Game (the contest story that actually won something): #27,268
    all the others: even lower than that

    11 comments · 223 views
  • 14 weeks
    The first reading of one of my fics!

    Fanfiction Reader has rendered a voice-synthesis version of Changeling Space Program on YouTube! The program doesn't have any sense of timing, and it stumbles badly trying to pronounce unfamiliar words, but it provides a way to read (or re-read) the story without staring at a screen!


    8 comments · 121 views

A distraction from van shopping... pony shipping. · 5:42pm February 1st

Here's a list of cards for a Changeling Space Program / The Maretian set for Secret Shipfic Folder, beginning with one made by FanOfMostEverything at a prompt:


The Martian
(No species)
Human, Astronaut, Crossover
Martian Isolation (Special): You may play Mark without attaching any Ships to him. Mark isn't discarded when he isn't attached to the rest of the shipping grid. This power can't be copied.
"In time they would discover that the only thing more reactive than pure perchlorate salts... was love."
—Red Planet, Pink Hearts

The rest are me:

Cherry Berry
Earth pony

Cherry Berry
Background Pony (Replace)
"Oh, sure, she was third in Cherry's affections after eating cherries and flying balloons, but third place was still a podium finish, and she'd take it."
—Where Nobody's Looking

Cherry Berry, Steely Eyed Missile Mare
Earth pony
Cherry Berry, Astronaut
Unstoppable (Special): If this card is in your hand, you may add it to the grid using the top card from the Ship draw pile. This power can't be copied.
"She had fifteen seconds to dock with Chrysalis's capsule, boost back into orbit, and avoid certain death. Her only thought: what would she do with the other five?"
—The Shared Dream

Queen Chrysalis, Rocket Jock
Changeling, Villain, Astronaut
Changeling (Any)
"Her victory over those accursed ponies lay within her reach. She could almost taste it. It tasted like green cheese."
—The Shared Dream

Warner von Brawn
(no race)
Minotaur, OC
Apolitical (Special): If Warner only has one Ship, then on any turn Warner and the attached Ship card may be moved to a different part of the grid.
"Love? That's not my department."
—The Shared Dream

Goddard the Griffon
(no race)
Griffon, OC
Lay the Foundations (Special): This card may be played as a Ship card instead of as a Pony card. This power can't be copied.
"The griffon chuckled as he listened to the radio. Finally, after forty years, his rocket formulas were being used for a warmer purpose than cold gold bits."
—The Warm Equations

Earth pony
Changeling, Astronaut, OC
Paperwork (Draw): Draw two Pony and/or Ship cards.
"The timid changeling stammered an incomprehensible reply. Nopony had ever said his buck fangs were attractive before!"
—The Shared Dream

Changeling, Astronaut, OC
Changeling (Any Non-Alicorn)
"Dragonfly stared into the eyes of her purple princessly prey. Seducing an alicorn was utter folly... but the changeling could never resist the erotic lure of lethal danger."
—The Warm Equations

Lucky Cricket
Changeling, Astronaut, OC
Lands On His Hooves (Special): If Lucky Cricket is ever discarded, use a Ship card from the discard pile to place him in a new place on the grid. This power can't be copied.
"Lucky leaned back into the pony's warm embrace. Once again, through no act of his own, he'd ended up in the right place at the right time."
—Changeling Boy-Toy Can't Lose!

Rocket Wizard Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle, Mane 6, Astronaut, Princess
Space Race (Special): All players draw one Pony and one Ship card. This power can't be copied.
"Twilight felt the call of the Cutie Map and smiled. Once her newest, perfect creation passed its flight tests, at last she would be ready to bring her friendship lessons to the stars!"
—To Embrace the Stars

Test Pilot Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash, Mane 6, Astronaut
The Right Stuff (Special): If Test Pilot Rainbow Dash is ever discarded, use a Ship card from the discard pile to place her in a new place on the grid. This power can't be copied.
"Dash's hooves rested on the controls, awaiting the perfect moment. Her only thought was how impressed that sexy evil changeling would be, and how jealous, when she saw this."
—To Embrace the Stars

Backup Pilot Spitfire
Spitfire, Astronaut
The Old Rookie (Replace)
"Spitfire watched the smoke trail of the rocket as it rose out of sight. Her heart flew on that ship, and she vowed that one day the rest of her would follow."
—To Embrace the Stars

Fireball the Indestructible
(no race)
Dragon, Astronaut, OC
Survivor (Special): Ship cards attached to Fireball can't be discarded. This power cannot be copied.
"He sat in the capsule wondering how he'd been talked into doing this again. Then he remembered those pleading reptilian eyes set in that lovely azure face, and understood."
—Hoarding Space

Starlight Glimmer... in SPAAAAAACE!
Starlight Glimmer, Astronaut
Sparkle Drive (Swap): Swap up to two pairs of cards on the grid.
"The pulse of magic through the crystal kept perfect rhythm to the beating of her heart. Soon, so very soon, theory would become reality, and she would become one with the cosmos."
—Red Planet, Pink Hearts

Alien Life Form
Earth pony
Fluffle Puff
Barrel Burster (Replace)
"Of all the moments for her erotic fantasies to become warm fuzzy pink reality, Chrysalis thought, this was the absolute worst."
—Scientific Progress Goes Thpppt!


Capsule Stuffing

Tourist Flight

Million Furlong High Club

Lost in Space

Unorthodox Astronaut Training

Marooned on a Desert Planet

Docking Maneuvers

Orbital Rendezvous


United Space Programs
3 points - Ship four or more Ponies with the Astronaut keyword in a chain.

Whoops, Wrong Landing Zone
1 point - Ship any Chrysalis with any Luna.

Changelings Conquer Space
3 points - Six or more changelings are on the grid at one time.

It Came in the Mail!
2 points - Ship Occupant and any Pony with the Object keyword.

Daring Space Rescue
2 points - Add two Ponies from the discard pile to the grid in one turn.

Strength Through Diversity
2(3) points - Ship six or more Ponies with a non-Pony species keyword in a chain. Score 3 points if no species keyword is repeated in the chain.

No Longer Alone
2 points - The Martian is shipped with 4 or more ponies.

Sharing the Dream
1 point - Ship any Chrysalis with any Cherry Berry.

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Comments ( 10 )

:pinkiehappy: If there's one thing that makes me even happier than making cards, it's seeing other people use those cards as a springboard. Awesome stuff all around, especially It Came in the Mail!

So... I have no clue what this is about but...

You are now reading this in the Space Core's voice.

Starlight Glimmer... in SPAAAAAACE!

And you cant un-read it.:yay:

Edit: and now I'm picturing a GlimGlam/Space Core ship. :rainbowderp::facehoof:

4787151 No, actually, I read it in the announcer's voice from the Muppet Show.

Ponies... In... SPAAAAAACE!

Had another thought:
"It Came in the Mail: Space Core"
*puts it next to Occupant's E-Z-Scry-Me Ball*

No Longer Alone
2 points - The Martian is shipped with 4 or more ponies.

...or more?
How do you do that? From my (highly imperfect, I've never played) knowledge of the game, you can only connect one card to four others at any one time.

Goal: Will Cuddle for Food
2 Points-Dragonfly is shipped with four or more ponies.
"How ironic that here, on this barren world, Dragonfly would learn that love sustaining through adversity was more than merely a question of rations."
-Red Planet, Pink Hearts

Ship-Curse of the Fatal Death!
"The sirens blared, the oxygen was running low, and the food packages were on fire. Why did she have to realize her love for them all now, when they would never make it out alive?"
-Cherry Berry 2: Rise of Murphy

Goal:Intimate Communications
1 Point-Ship The Martian with any Starlight Glimmer
-"Starlight cursed her faulty translation spell. How would she ever express to the alien what was truly in her heart?"
-Red Planet, Pink Hearts

Goal: Sciencing the Tartarus Out of This
3 Points-Ship 4 Ponies in a chain that includes any Starlight Glimmer, any Twilight Sparkle, and any Astronaut.
"Across worlds and dimensions, four hearts beat with a single message for Death: 'Not Today'"
-Cherry Berry 2: Rise of Murphy

4787572 Some cards count as two ponies. The Swarm of Breezies card counts as TEN.

"Can you count to 10,000...while making love?"
-The Warm Equations

Ship-Deep Impact Penetrator
"Cherry, I love you, but we only have fourteen hours left to save Equus!"
-Cherry Berry 3: Meteor Hearts

Ship-Stupid Sexy Alien Pheremones
Love Poison
"On their homeworld the problem could have been resolved in a number of ways, from fresh air to cold showers. But trapped in the recycled air of the hab, and with their water supply reduced, concentrating on work was becoming desperately difficult."
-Red Planet, Pink Hearts

Some cards count as multiple ponies.

The Cold Equations: Glurgy disaster-porn caused by security forces holding planet-sized Idiot Balls.

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