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Signal Boost: Current Contests (copied from Horizon's blog post) · 6:40am Feb 1st, 2018

(Original blog post by Horizon here.)

Signal Boost: Current Contests

Everfree Northwest's Scribblefest contestjust launched! The prompt isFamily Trees: Roots, Branches, and Leaves, and rather than selecting an overall best, they offer prizes for winners in six separate categories.

Also, there are a couple of contests coming close to wrapping up, but if you've got this weekend free you can still sneak an entry in under the wire.Aragon's comedy contest(top prize: a blistering$200!!) justadded another weekand the deadline is now Feb. 9.Manaphy's Wonderbolts contestends Feb. 10, and theLunbra group contest's really-for-serious-final deadline is Feb. 7.

If you'd rather stretch your legs with some original fiction, theWriteoff Associationhas an OF short-story contest going on this weekend (and an art contest based on the stories written!), andprompt selection is happening now. And speaking of the Writeoffs, there's discussion going on right now aboutthe length limits of future minific rounds.

Finally, speaking of Original Fiction,George RR Martin just started a Clarion West scholarship for aspiring SFF writers. It's a heck of a program if you want a jump-start on a genre fiction career.

Any other contests I've missed? Plug 'em in Horizon's blog comments!

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Still no idea why copy/paste with rich text knocks out spaces.

Yay, copy and paste!

The monthly Flashfic contest was just put up: Flashfic 150 Febuary 2018: "A Lovely Night, Ruined".

Every month there's a contest to write a fic based on a prompt, in this case "A lovely night, ruined", in 150 words or less by the 21nd of the month. Only prize is picking next months prompt, but it's still fun, and trying to think around 150 words is always interesting.

--Sweetie Belle

Thanks for the boost-boost! I've updated the original post with a whole bunch more contests, btw.

At least it's been reported to knighty.

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