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Negative Occurrences in the Fandom? · 2:03am Feb 1st, 2018

Hey everyone,

Just a quick question about something I'm curious about. I've read in a few places about people mentioning "bad" things happening within the fandom, but not really explaining what exactly "that" is. I know this is vague and I don't know and/or apologize if this is a strange or sensitive or even answerable question, but I was wondering if someone could inform me what "that" might be or have been? Because of recent health problems I've been really out it when it comes to general fandom news and updates until very recently.

Thanks a lot.

Report Fattymagee1 · 151 views · #Fandom #News
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Comments ( 11 )

In brief:
A FimFic user recently allegedly killed himself or herself.

A major Brony YouTube presence was also revealed to be a pedophile.

I could review older news, but that’s the big recent stuff I’m aware of.

Oh I see. That's very unfortunate. Thanks for letting me know though!

Indeed, although I am glad the pedophile was revealed as such. That’s a thing people ought to know.

You’re welcome. :eeyup:

Yeah that's pretty bad. Anyone like that deserves punishment/prosecution regardless of their affiliation.

I omit the pedophile’s name, partly because I don’t know it and partly because I don’t care to know any more about him and doubt you would, either.

Sociologists call that “master status,” I think.

Idk anything about it, but it's not surprising if there's some baddies out there. The fandom has grown. Whenever you have a large mass of people, the constant percentage of shitty people within any given group equates to a much larger quantity than if it was a very small group. :unsuresweetie:

Yep. His backstory is probably not the most interesting thing ever.

Oh for sure. All fandoms have dumb and shitty people. And the larger the fandom, the more of them that are likely to exist of course, and the Brony fandom is huge. Also the possibility of just unfortunate events increases as well. It shouldn't take away away from all the good and nice people that make up the vast majority though.

The weirdest thing about that was the guy's justification. "Let's roleplay! I'll be a pony and you be over the age of 18."

Yeah wow. If that's not creepy I don't know what is.

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