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The Comedy (Is Serious Business) Contest Update Re-Release [PLATINUM EDITION] · 8:17pm Jan 31st, 2018

So, Aragón has officially entered the workforce -- kinda!

I mean, technically it's an internship... But let's be honest. I get up at seven every morning, put on a suit [1] and then work at the bank doing market research for eight hours. That counts as a job. Cut me some slack, I'm still a lil' kid.

[1] No, before you motherfuckers ask, not that one. I got two new suits literally just so my friends would stop asking for pics. I hate my life, but I sure don't seem to hate it as much as it hates me.

Anyway, right, contest update.

Due to massive popular concerns, the deadline for the contest has been extended to February 9th, so now you have an extra week to finish your stories and polish what you've got.

Notice that this includes February 9th itself. As long as your story and prompt are up before the 10th arrives, you're set.

That is literally it. I'd give you some anecdotes regarding my daily job (HEY DID YOU KNOW I HAVE BEEN WORKING IN HERE FOR A WEEK AND I HAVE LITERALLY NEVER WALKED OUT OF THE ELEVATOR AT THE CORRECT FLOOR? LIKE, NOT A SINGLE TIME? FUN TIMES!) but this has to be a quick blog because I just came home and I gotta have dinner and sleep.

So, see y'all around. And good luck!

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Comments ( 26 )


Wohoo, I may be able to make my entry decent instead of submitting something sub-par. :yay:

Hey, more of a real, big-kid job than I've ever had. Go you.

Good luck to everyone in the contest. Make sure to use up the extra time wisely!

Oh fuck yeah. I was about to ask whether I had Friday to finish things up. That works too.

Great! I might actually be able to submit my entry given the extension.

Also, congrats/condolences on the job. Here's hoping you remember to take care of your meat body in the future.

Thank you for triggering the perversity of life in just the right way.

Next step, Godman Sachs and the joys of Fractional Reserve Banking. Woot!

DANGIT! I just submitted my story! PBTTTTTTTTTT.



I promise not to tell me that when I worry about you, you lie to me, when all I want is the best for you.

I can't tell me, it'd break my heart,

Oh thank God.

Congrats on buying a new suit you hopefully look better in.

Author Interviewer

My headcanon is that it's actually the same suit and this is all just more lies. :V

4786320 I can accept this headcanon

Oh, I've got another week to procrastinate polish things up? Thanks! :pinkiehappy:

I demand pics of said suit. Preferably with you wearing it.


Due to massive popular concerns,the deadline for the contest has been extended to February 9th, so now you have an extra week to finish your stories and polish what you've got.

Sweet, now I can miss two deadlines. :trollestia:

You've purchased two suits, but that doesn't address the real question:
Do you own any waistcoats or bowties?

Yo, possibly a dumb question: what time zone are you running this contest in? I might not get home from work tomorrow until after midnight Europe time, so I may need to plan ahead for a certain publishing time.

Rule of thumb is use Fimfic's timezone, really. If it's posted and uploaded to the site before the deadline is over, you're in. Me being European and so on, it'd be super weird otherwise. This way it's more objective.

So, um:

As long as your story and prompt are up before the 10th arrives, you're set.

Our local time or Universal Aragon Time? If so, where are you relative to GMT?

I'm riding this one close to the wire, as usual, and just want to make sure I don't botch this due to time zones. <.<

Does fimfiction even have a timezone, or does it display local time? How would I find out what fimfiction's timezone is other than by making a blog post just to check?




Aragon is an idiot who didn't know the site uses your computer's calendar, GMT-10.

Minus ten? Oh, geez, I've got the rest of the day then.

Time for an edit pass! :twilightsmile:

Edit: Uhhhhhh apparently when I posted my original comment, 4792485 wasn't showing up on the page? So never mind. Local time, question answered, sorry for the duplication.

Yum, five minutes to spare. I hope that comment about gmt-10 isn't a joke, and that the auto-approval queue doesn't go too slowly...

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