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The Salt Life of an Author · 10:45am Jan 27th, 2018

Recently my laptop crashed. It crashed hard af and I had to factory reset it.

Guess who used Notepad for everything.

My salt levels are so high that I'm pissing salt, and it burns coming out. I'm about to make a fortune selling my white rain as coke to middle schoolers. Fucking salt levels so potent they'd die of dehydration after one rail. My cock salt is fentanyl-level deadly, Goddammit!




Comments ( 9 )

I know the pain my friend. Just a small suggestion, back up chapters on pen drives and google docs. Trust me its a god send. But if I may ask... how far were you into the chapter before it went tits up?

Ah, it wasn't a chapter. It was just every note I've taken for A Thief's Tale since I ended the hiatus. A full year's worth of data, references, and the stats, man.

Oh i feel you pain on that one. I had that happen before and it just leaves the feeling of dispair that all the hard work was lost. Well... till i decided that I didnt need it and i could start fresh. Plus this gives you a change to have better ideas and make them ever better then that. Also... sometime it helps to go a little old school and pen and paper that stuff as well as making back ups.

I'll probably end up making a Gdocs page for it or something so it's in my cloud if I ever need to make another note sheet.
In fairness, it was a lot more than just notes. A lot of shit that wasn't necessarily related to A Thief's Tale went bye-bye, thus comes the lesson of the autosave.

Yikes, sorry to hear it, man. I write my stories just using fimfiction's writing... thing, because it's incredibly convenient for me. I've only ever lost my progress once and it was only a few lines, but it still hurt and it didn't feel good having to rewrite it. Can't even imagine how it feels for you... :twilightoops:

Damn, hope you committed most of it to memory, cause Captial G is flipping you a huge bird.

That's exactly why I don't trust my local machine for really sensitive stuff. All that goes on my Gdrive.

Fucking hell man, I got pissed when my computer froze before I could save and lost a chapter, if I was in your position I probably would have went super saiyan from that level of rage.

My existence is pain.

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