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Day Dreaming Derpy, Chinese Pony Names, and Blindbag Sillyness · 3:15am Jan 27th, 2018

Yes, I am aware this is a rather random assortment of topics.

Last week I went and downloaded Day Dreaming Derpy, as I was made aware of its completed status via Equestria Daily. DDD, as I will call it (not to be confused with the hammer-toting penguin), is a nifty little turn-based RPG staring everyone's favorite mailmare. It also happens to be the first MLP game I've played that wasn't just a rom hack of an existing game. I thought I'd give it a mini review of sorts, as it's good enough to merit the publicity.

So, the most notable feature that sets DDD apart from other games of its ilk is the Uniform system. Basically, Derpy and the other ponies can unlock adorable uniforms that completely change the wearer's stats and abilities, effectively making them a different character. You can change uniforms outside of battle, or you can do so in battle, but that takes up the pony's turn. Of the ones Derpy gets, my favorite is the Construction Worker uniform, since it lets you call Pinkie to pull a Dio and drop steamrollers on people. Other than that, everything works pretty much how you would expect from traditional RPGs like Final Fantasy.

The sprites are pretty nice, and the game is worth playing for the story alone, which is well-written and has both funny and touching moments. It's cute and fun, but not very hard, much like a typical Kirby game. This is partially due to the multiple balancing issues with game mechanics (*cough*GreedStatus*cough*). See, the areas are structured like a Mega Man game, in that you can tackle them in almost any order. But since there is a level-up system, they actually get less challenging over time. It's also stupidly easy to grind for money if you work for Ms. Harshwhinny while wearing the appropriate equip-able stamps (ie: Tortoise and Princess Cadance). You can literally just mash the space bar over and over with zero chance of dying and without even looking at the screen. I don’t really hold these issues against the game, though, since it’s the free passion project of one guy. In conclusion, DDD is no Chrono Trigger, but I'd still recommend it if you've got a day or two to spare.

Something else neat I saw on EQD recently was a greatly amusing list of translated character names from the Chinese language version of the show. My personal favorites are Purple Delight (Twilight Sparke), Softly (Fluttershy), and Phonology Princess (Princess Cadance). So, if anybody here was planning on writing a kung-fu movie parody story, or something of that nature, you totally need to use these names.

Lastly, I bought another blindbag figure yesterday, this time from the MLP Movie series, and got Trenderhoof. Two things are notable about this. The first is that for some reason they saw fit to put actual glitter all over his mane and tail. It makes him look like he’s trying WAY too hard at being pretty. Like, on anypony other than Luna, glitter is probably not a good idea, especially stallions. The second is the one-sentence bio they printed on his mini leaflet: “He writes about friendship”. Seriously? That’s what they went with? Is saying he writes about good clothing somehow too hard for children to understand? Even “He likes Applejack” would have been better.

Anyway, that’s everything. Bye!

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Hmm. I'll have to checkout D3. Thanks for the heads up.

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