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New Story: With Your Shield Or On It · 8:51pm Jan 26th, 2018

Gentle readers! I wrote some new words with ponies in them!

Props to my man SaddlesoapOpera who really came through with that night edit from Camp Everfree. I honestly forgot this used to be a daytime shot.

Fleetfoot is not a monster fighter. She’s not an Element of Harmony. She's not a medic. She's not a hero. Fleetfoot’s just a pony who can fly really fast. But right now, she's all Silver Lining's got.

"Wait. Who in the fresh hell is Silver Lining?" - 99% of Fimfiction

Wait, are you insinuating that the rest of the population doesn't spend all their free time combing over every single background character in the show? Weird.

He's the grey Wonderbolt who's decided it's too damn early in the morning for Rainbow's shenanigans and probably wants to go back to sleep.

Also seen here chilling with Fleetfoot that one time in this screenshot that kinda looks like they're about to go to the showers and... have serious discussions about speed stats. I can only presume those two became good friends if not best friends after this wacky adventure in the woods. They call that a creative team building exercise, I think.

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Comments ( 5 )
Site Blogger

A very creative exercise.

Some might say professionally creative.

Well, Fleetfoot certainly has at least one cloud with a Silver Lining on it so who knows what she might become.

Sorry, my cheesy pun senses went blaring and had to seek out the source immediately.

Looks genuinely intriguing, carry on!

That feel when you’re in the 1%...

I'm glad I'm not the only one relentlessly pouring over episode stills to further my horseword habits :scootangel:

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