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Chapter Three! (And a Few Words on Sequel and Questions and Things.) · 7:25pm Jan 25th, 2018

Yeah, I know. A few hours turned into a few days, but I got pretty busy! Hopefully the chapter makes up for it?

[Adult story embed hidden]

It's right there if you wanna dive straight in! If you want to read on, check below the break!

Why did this one take so long? I've had a lot of shit on, in all honesty. I've got some stress right now that's been impeding my writing, but I'm alright really. You guys don't want to hear me go on about my issues, and I'll be on top of them soon enough.

That said, I'll be wrapping up the main story with the fourth chapter, but the ride isn't going to end there.

Does he mean sequel?

Of course I do! I mean, if that's okay with you. In my mind, this story is the set up to something bigger, so that'll be coming in future! I'm planning to get this one wrapped up by the end of the month, but don't think that's the end of FlutterSpike in any way!

I have another incomplete story on this account that I'm going to try and update through February, and other oneshot ideas that I'll go on about in a few days in a separate post.

So if I may ask, what do you guys like seeing from me? Are you a fan of the pure smut, do you like the stuff with a bit more story to it? Do you prefer the oneshots or longer M rated fics like Controlling Your Desires? Do you like when I implement comedy with my clopfics, like I did with Sexorcism? Is there anything I'm not doing that you'd like to see from me? How about pairings? Which ones have I written that you like, which are you not so keen on? I'm open to thoughts and suggestions, so please share!

That's about everything. Feel free to leave a comment, and enjoy the update!

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Comments ( 7 )

Dude, my story has been waiting for a christmas update for a month. And I still have intentions to release it. You're perfectly fine.

I myself I like ones with a bit of story to go with it. As for a paring I like Octavia and Fleur de Lis. Sure its not the most common ship but there's just something about two high class ladies just going at it that I really like.

No worries about the update lag, life happens sometimes. XD That being said, I think I like your fics that have more story entailed; far more emotional trauma for me to experience.:rainbowlaugh:

100% want comedy, it's always been good from you.

Go check my latest blog post. I think you'll be pleased.

Definitely story focused ones are better than a porny one-shot, I like something with more meat on it's bones than just two characters going to town on each other.
As for personal preferences, I've always had an aversion to anthro stories (they feel lazy and lack the uniqueness that you usually get in pony clop). My two biggest fetishes are by & large futa and shower sex. For pairings it's hard to go wrong with TwiDash, but I've been seeing some great heavily story focused ShimmerLight that has gotten me to support that as well. When written well those two just have so much chemistry. Also SpiLight... y'know I might just have a thing for Twilight :rainbowlaugh:.

Porn with plot is best porn. Top 3 kink for me, easily, right up there with shower sex and squirting.

Say no to anthro. Not a big fan of anon/pony either.

Also maybe try some Spike / Rarity, don't think I've seen that from you yet. Really I'm happy to see Spike get some love and attention from any/all the ladies and I'm loving the Flutterspike story, but I do especially love seeing him get fashionhorse.

Good luck bro, can't wait to see more.

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