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The story of shadow knight · 2:41pm Jan 25th, 2018

Hello my name is shadow knight but call me shadow this is my story

Alone time ago in the Crystal empire when King sombra took over a young child was the prison chamber no pony knows why only sombra knows why till he was save by the two sisters but they raised him and teach him magic the know. but the child want to learn all magic so one night he snuck in the magic library and enter the forbidden magic so he read all the knowledge in the book and something strange happen his eye puple change and his eye was green but barely control his new magic and unlock his ability to open portal to any where he chooses but he was caught by Luna and the sisters banished him out the equstria. 1000 years later he returns but more powerful he balance light and dark magic in his mind but he been hunting by a any pony to capture for reward or use him. But he was several injured from all countless moons ago. Till a young pony found him. She nurse him and heal him she know who he is.
Too be continued

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