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"Writing is my passion. Ponies are my life. Writing pony fanfiction is awesome. Case closed." -Me!

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  • 10 weeks
    why oh why

    Why can't I ever seem to finish a story :(

    I'm so sorry for that :(

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  • 36 weeks
    New Story

    With the MLP 35th Anniversary coming up next year, I want to write a story where the Mane 6 of FiM travel back in time to Paradise Estates during the episode "Rescue from Midnight Castle." It may or may not be done in time for the anniversary date, but just giving a heads-up. So, yeah. See you later! :)

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  • 46 weeks
    The Return of Chrysalis is next week!!!! AAAAAAAA

    So yeah, hyped for "The Mean Six." I saw the leak of it, and it's AWESOME. Of course, that was just a leaked version. Other things could change.

    Also: I won't be on during the summer, and if I am, very rarely. See ya in September! (Maybe!)

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  • 58 weeks
    I'm back! ^^

    Temporary or not, I don't care the glitch is on. LOL! :3

    Anyway Here's my March stuff

    ~Write the second chapter of Somepony Else's Hooves
    ~Finish a fanfic I've been reading
    ~Reread some past fics I wrote and possibly make a collection of rewrites lol
    ~Be random 24/7
    ~Fail at all but #1 and #4 cuz glitch lol

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  • 64 weeks
    Do in February

    -Start "Somepony Else's Hooves" and "That Day."
    -Reread a bunch of awesome stories by random FiMFiction authors
    -Finish Delinquency by Daemon McRae
    -Try to be on FiMFiction more
    -Probably fail at #4

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The Generation Gap · 8:46pm Jan 22nd, 2018

So! Anypony think "The Generation Gap" should get its third and final installment? The first story was written on December 23, 2016, and was my second fanfic story that surprisingly got the most likes of all my stories... I MEAN, IT WAS MY SECOND STORY! SECOND!!! I WAS A CRINGY EARLY EIGHTH GRADER THEN LOL

Anyway the second was written on January 11, 2017, also known as one year and eleven days ago. It didn't get as many likes and honestly I think I was sad about that but now I don't really care, it's fanfic number four (Number three was an Apple-Bloom-becomes-an-alicorn fic co-written by my friend IRL who also has a FiMFiction account but she never uses it so I'm not tagging it)

And, well, it was originally going to be a trilogy series... so... I want to write its third installment... I'm thinking something like "Time-traveler Toola Roola meets the Toola Roola seen in the MLP Season 7 episode 'Fame and Misfortune' but also has to return home to Gen 3.5 Ponyville, and there'll also references to 'The Cutie Re-Mark' episode..." but if nopony wants it I don't know... I kinda want to write it anyway now lol

Anyway thanks for reading and please tell me your opinion! OwO


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