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The Comedy (Is Serious Business) Contest Update · 7:49pm Jan 22nd, 2018

Well, there are eleven days left for the deadline of the contest (remember: February 2nd), and so far we have one submission and sixty-seven goddamn applications.

Jesus fuck, my judges are going to die. I ain't, however. You can't kill what's already dead, and -- well, y'all read the berry blog already. Some things, a man can't come back from. I think biologically you can't classify me as human anymore. Gagh.

Anyway, yeah. Lotta interest the contest gathered, lotta possible entries, that's probably going to be hell for the judging panel, of which I'm obviously a part of. So what the hell.

Let's make it even harder then. Because fuck the judging panel of which I'm obviously a part of.

Due to multiple requests, and to the fact that the goal of this contest is in the end to create a compelling comedic narrative, the upper word limit allowed for entries has been changed to 12,000 words. The announcement has been edited accordingly, too, so you can check that one out if you wanna.

Please, keep in mind that this is a hard limit. We will disqualify any stories that go over the 12,000 word limit according to the Fimfiction wordcount, even if it's just by one word. I repeat, this is a hard limit.

Now go, write, have fun, and good luck to all of you. Your normal Aragón activities will resume once this whole contest thing is over. Also, hey, did you know that somebody actually commissioned a fancomic of the berry blog? And the lamppost blog, too? Because I'm so fucking dumb that people want to make fun of me in multiple platforms! Hahah! My life is hell!

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Comments ( 20 )

"Oh, I gotta make that contest announcement blog, I can't forget about it. And keep it serious -- remember, this is an 'official' thing, so it's better to show professionalism.

But, y'know, not too professional. Let's add a tag to the blog that says I'm the reason male nipples should be censored. Yeah. That'll establish me as a knowledgeable yet relatable authority figure for the contest entrants."

Majin Syeekoh


i like to touch myself at night

Oh. Right. That contest I signed up for and promptly forgot about. I'm not dropping out yet—I have at least a rough idea of the story, otherwise I wouldn't have signed up—but the odds of me actually writing the entry aren't exactly 100%.

Sorry mate.
I entered as a way to kill some time at Guatemala. But I ended up breaking my back from watching too much Netflix on my iPad. Well, didn't break it, but ya know what I mean.

Hopefully I can still do my entry (it WILL suck, just a foreshadowing). Well, i HOPE i can still enter. School just started today. :|

I'm afraid the chance of me finishing my entry in time has dropped to about 20% now. I still have hope, but I'm struggling to hammer it into shape fast enough.

Maybe I shouldn't have tried to do the whole thing in rhyme.

Comment posted by Krack-Fic Kai deleted Jan 22nd, 2018

So, no pressure?

I'm going to die, there's so much pressure, oh please God help me.

Ah. Well. Business as usual then. *panics*

If it helps, I cried laughing from the berry blog and have it in my favorites.

I’m also unsure about my entry being in on time. I’ve kicked around a few ideas, but nothing’s screamed “oh my god do me DO ME” in an alluring enough way yet.

Speaking of which, have you ever written for RWBY?


At the rate I'm going, I'll have this sweet story released in 2019. :rainbowwild:


Bro, after Snowblind, you can do me every time. Just sayin'.


What, you mean professionally? Not really. I ain't a pro, and I'm also not part of the Rooster Teeth team, or even close to them geographically. If you mean fanfic, also no -- maybe once genfic happens I'll write a bunch of whiterose shit, but till then, nah.

I would absolutely love to participate in this just because it is amusing, (and because I am in awe of the weirdness of the scenarios you find yourself in) but I have no idea how to be funny on purpose. Also there's a whole stable of reasons why it's unlikely that I'd actually write something for this. Unless something pops into my head out of nowhere and demands to be written.

Whiterose is terrific. Wiess is all like "No, I'm in control of myself at all times, thank you very mu—" and then Ruby just walks in (doesn't even do anything sexy, just walks in and smiles cutely) and Weiss is all like "Fuck."

oh shit dude

holy fuck

I just got a horny fucking idea.

Change my entry to “I Learned Something Unscripted”.

Right, I'm pulling out. The chance of me finishing my story before the deadline and being at all satisfied with the result has dropped to nil.

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