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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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Petting Daybreaker? · 10:27am Jan 20th, 2018

It does sound like a bad idea.

But what if she cast a spell on you to allow you pet her fiery mane without burning you?

Would you pet her then.

Report Bendy · 185 views · #Daybreaker #petting
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Comments ( 9 )

What is she a friken Rapiddash...

Always, she is the prettiest (and warmest) pony in all the land!img00.deviantart.net/bf53/i/2017/141/6/7/day_breaker_by_peachmayflower-db9y2m9.png although Nightmare Moon is also nice

Sure, I would.
And immediately leave to fuck the brains out of her sister. Doesn't matter whether it's Luna or Moon.


No isk of becoming a crispy cinder? Sure. I'll risk it.

Sure I would, I bet without the danger it would feel like a pleasantly hot blanket!

There are ways of doing it without her intervention or your injury.

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