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  • Saturday
    Writing coming slowly

    Writing has started but I'm like five hundred words in. Mostly cause I had to get ready for an appointment for figuring out the job situation. Still no job so I guess I have the time to write and all but that might change someday. Dunno. Really was a good appointment with the whole disability vocational rehab thing here in the jolly old US of A, but like do you realize how weird it might be for

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  • 1 week
    Chapter 8 done

    Sorry for the wait (even if I was honest the later half of the chapter was written over the last four days.) But yeah this definitely took a weirder turn by the end. Also I was planning for the chapter to be a lot more talking and then I realized that'd be horribly boring so I cut a scene down to the core bits and just left it to the important bits.

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  • 2 weeks
    Got time to write

    Not going to be near my computer for at least tomorrow so I wrote nearly 1500 words today.

    At least I finished a partial scene and a complete one.

    Won't say this will be out by the 15th or so but it's at least back and fresh in my memory and I needed a bit of a break to compose my thoughts on the chapter after focusing entirely on a separate and not fanfic related project.

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  • 2 weeks
    Haven't been able to write for a week

    Sorry about that. My mom's been in a cleaning mood and once we get done for the day I'm usually completely exhausted. So while I have the next chapter pretty much planned I can't really write anything yet.

    So I won't be able to for a while. Just wanted to let you guys that follow the story know that.

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  • 3 weeks
    One day I might do a game crossover

    The main thing I play are rpgs which kind of work for a game crossover.

    Maybe Final Fantasy but one of those nobody crosses over.

    Like maybe Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

    That one I'm replaying now to relax and not focus so heavily on writing every single day

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Side Project done · 2:49am January 18th

Will be back to writing here entirely for the foreseeable future tomorrow. Editing this thing was an absolute mess.

Here's the stuff I was working on 60,000 plus words and all

That was six actual weeks of work. That one blog is pretty much a novel.

A novel that hopefully was kind of worth it past sharpening my writing speed and critic skills. Was it worth critically looking at one award show that nobody pays attention to? I hope so.

And this only came out this early due to me working through my computer being completely unusable for a week.

Think of this as a completely unrelated novel based around seeing if I could critically assess music genres and explain why they are good or not.

With how important music is to me and my writing I needed a bit of practice getting the emotionally important way of how music affects people.

Or I was bored and saw a challenge.

I'll go with the first idea cause that sounds more important. But yeah 3000 words and two scenes in to the next chapter. Would have done more but my old computer completely doesn't work anymore so yeah had to break in a new computer.

Oh yeah, guess I'm turning 24 on the 19th, I guess that's sort of important.

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Yeah I don't often use that blog but when I do I tend to get a bit obsessive. Didn't even expect that to load up correctly due to the size of it. I really expected it to be a little project of maybe like 10 to 15 thousand words and then it kind of went entirely out of hand.

As I said somewhere in the blog I "don't recommend anyone to ever do this to this extent" cause this was pretty much not a 6 week off and on project.

It was like the only thing I did for 6 entire weeks.

Well I'll have to at least giv sume of it a read as thats an impressive writing spree.

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