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Well I'm Garfield23 and I'm another Scottish Brony. Writing stories is one of my favourite hobbies.

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  • 4 weeks
    Okay time for an UPDATE!

    And aren't I lucky that I have to explain this....uhhhhhhh uhhhhh okay! I got this. I know this tournament thing was suppose to be purely Yugioh cards but I've been considering a small plot twist(British kind of small meaning I mean REALLY BIG!) where the next rounds are different forms of competition(With the Zenos basically changing their minds....oh come on it's not that ridiculous those two

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  • 10 weeks
    Progress Report

    Well there's not much to report on, I'm currently working on chapters 14 and 15 when they're done and the editing is finished I'm hoping to try and do like a chapter a day release but that'll depend when I get 14 and 15 done but the progress is good. Chapter 14 will hopefully include the first turbo duel of the tournament which should be fun to write(Only just started that

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  • 12 weeks

    I have nearly 3 or 4 chapters ready to go(they just need to be edited, which will take some time)z should I release all 3 or 4 chapters together or one at a time as I finish editing them?(four does need a bit more work but editing should smooth that over).

    First person who gives me an answer will be the answer I go with.

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  • 14 weeks

    Okay I suppose this is overdue(Well how is that new?) but I had to rewrite chapters 11 and 12 because what was there before just sucked....as a result a decision I didn't want to make was reached from now on, not every duel will be covered, the result yes but this story was always a Tournament of Power meets Duellist Kingdom and a bit common sense hit me as I was rewritting the chapters, in the

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  • 30 weeks
    Well that was a mess

    First I want to say I'm sorry and Happy Hoilday day(Whatever holiday you do or do not celebrate).

    As for my promise to write a story, well I did but...it was a massive mess. I tried my best but it just ended in tears. It doesn't look good and I wish I could have done better.

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The Last Jedi....MEH! · 12:59am Jan 18th, 2018

Okay earlier today I went to see The Last Jedi and while I didn't hate it....I didn't like it either. I just watched as too many questions entered my mind to really enjoy it. And there were enough good elements to make me not hate it. However the fact remains is that if you like it good and if ya hate it...well that's your choice man. I just didn't feel anything during the whole film. I suppose that makes it worse than the prequels in my book because at least I get a laugh out of the prequels with it's so bad it's good sort of thing but feeling nothing to a film for me means I wasn't invested and didn't care enough to get invested. Still I suppose it could have worse and it could have been A LOT better. Outside of MLP, Power Rangers, Yu-gi-oh and some other anime, Star Wars has always been near and dear to my heart but if I was going to rate this film I'd give it....a 5 out of 10, being a little harsh but it's star wars it should be better by default.

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