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Daily Waifu: Twilight Sparkle! · 10:58pm Jan 16th, 2018

Heya guys, got your daily waifu for ya!



Couldn't decide which one I wanted, so I just shared both!

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Twiggles is the best.

Awww... I wonder if she likes Lovecraft.


I'm certain they love relaxing at Fluttershy's place where they won't be judged as insanity eating horrors. (I blame Discord for getting the Elder Gods hooked on tea and crumpets)

Why Elder Gods? Why not invite the Outer Gods?

Pudge makes such cute art. But book princess on a book is adorbs too

Nice Purple Smart gif

Well, you got my attention. Excellent art of best character!

PRAISE THE SPARKLE BUTT!!! :heart: :twilightsmile: :heart:

Ah, Twilight. The reason why I am glad to be alive :heart:

I'd love to just have her as a tiny talking pet!

4775088 The last time they were in a 'room' simultaneously led to the Warping of 1556. There's a schedule now.

I'm using the first one as the wallpaper on my Kindle. :heart:

Aww, adorable purplesmart is always adorable.

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