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A pegasister taking a break right now! The rambling of the banana butterfly will return...dun dun dun!

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    I’m so sorry.

    I apologise that I must put cancel/everything on hiatus for the indeterminate future. FDTL and CatK...

    I’m in the process of losing my job, being told to resign because yet another company can’t handle an autistic person. I can’t do it again, can’t trust a world that’s this fucking hypocritical.

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    Leave of absence

    I’m sorry to announce im taking a break from writing and drawing MLP.

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Leave of absence · 10:07pm January 13th

I’m sorry to announce im taking a break from writing and drawing MLP.

I need a break from writing and art, plus I’ve started a new job and need time to settle. It’ll likely be a month or two, but I’ll keep you posted. Right now I just need time to work on non pony stuff, just relax and read. There’s been a lot of stress lately and my doctors advice is that I take a break from the usual activities I have and try something different. Depression can be worsened, in my case, by being stuck in one mode for too long.

I still love MLP, Sombra is still sexiest villain and my mind is still in crackfic territory. I just won’t be working on it for a while.

Thanks for understanding, you guys are awesome!

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Feel better!

Take your time and explore other things. That will give you a rest. ~ Lady Umbra

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Take it nice and easy okay.

NOOOOO I just found you!!!!! PLEASE DONT LEAVE ME ON A CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!! Please promise you come back soon! PINKIE PROMISE!!!!! :pinkiesad2:

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