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    Magic weapons and the logistics behind them.

    Magic runes and the logistics behind them.
    Runes/symbols have multiple factors to take into consideration that determine both there function and power.

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    The god scale in fiction

    Gods aren't all, all-knowing/ all-powerful beings, in both myths and modern fiction there's a scale of godly power and I will show my interpretation of this scale here for anyone to use for reference.

    The Power Gods:

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    weapon ideas


    1) Gem Projectiles- Gems charged with spells could make interesting projectiles, with charges such as a fiery explosion, plant growth, freezing, or even magic dampening spells, a gem firing musket would have some major potential.

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    Displaced, why they work so well in mlp and other crossover possibilities.

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    I'm now an editor.

    I’m editing Firefoxino’s story stagnation is the death he put a lot of passion into it and you should defiantly check it out.

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Writing ideas for spike · 11:34pm Jan 12th, 2018

I have decided to create blogs for my ideas regarding certain characters. They won't be full story ideas instead ideas that could work for stories, If anyone wants to use any of these ideas please tell me first not because I feel like I actually own them I just want to see them in stories.

1) Greed Growth amulet-The amulet would use a type of magic energy to trick spykes body into growing temporarily or at least give him a short boost, I got the idea from a fic where a changeling used artificial greed in crystals to force spike to go on a rampage. (can't remember the story for the life of me) So now that the changeling king’s friends with spike I can't help but think of a less extreme version of this allowing him to get a boost while staying in control.

2) Gem dragons - Dragons eat gems but it's never really explained why so I came up with a theory. What if dragons are mostly sustained on pure magic which crystals hold in abundance. My idea also claims that certain crystals charged with enough magic can change a dragons abilities for example if twilight were to use a blood stone as a magic battery and spyke where to eat it, I’d act like adrenalin energizing him, While something like a Rose Quartz would heal him. Most stones would do something along those lines but I’ve made a list of other possible gem uses (all of these abilities would go away after a little while or after eating different gems)

onyx- Hardens a dragon's scales and makes there claws sharper

Fulgurite- Fulgurite Is made from lightning hitting sand so I’d assume dragons would breath lightning after eating a handful this gem. (Technically it’s glass but structurally it's very similar so I count it.)

ruby- Makes a dragon's fire stronger and have a longer range.

Jasper- Would turn the dragon's scales rocker like a bolderclass from how to train your dragon.

With this idea comes the possibility of elder dragons who have gorged themselves on one or two types of gems for thousands of years giving them permanent characteristics and making themselves much stronger than a normal dragen of equal age. I especially like the idea of a golden emperor dragon who gorged himself on emperor jasper his scales would look like this.

3) Blow bombs- It would work like a blow dart gun except spike would use his fire breath to propel small timed explosives as a distraction/attack depending on what he lodes in.

4) gem cannons- If spike were to concentrate his fire on certain gems he could get them to act like explosives after breaking them and from there he could ... well I think the artwork says better than I could ever convey the message.
both art works can be found here https://equestria-prevails.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=%2F&edit=0&q=spike

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