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Daily Waifu: Luna! · 5:36pm Jan 12th, 2018


You know what she wants, right? She wants to snuggle you.

The people in my discord chat started doing this in the server. I liked it enough to bring it to the rest of you guys!

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all hail luna!

*many snuggles!* :heart:!

All of her snuggles are belong to me.

So now that's 3 people doing daily waifus to the one doing daily husbandos. This might drain our reservoir dry. Eventually. I mean, there are so many images that it probably won't run out anytime soon.

Well, if her royal majesty desires snuggles and cuddles I would gladly offer myself up to her service as her snuggle buddy.

Hell yeah

Wuv yoo woona!

Oohh lala my heart stopped

best princess

that is all.

I'll have you know that I have ways of making sure husbandos never dry up.


many snuggles to the princess of the night!

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