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Specialties include comedy, robots, and precision strikes to your feelings. Hobbies include hat and watch collecting. May contain alcohol.

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Reminder: Humanized Turing Test and 002 Drawstream Today! · 7:10am Jan 12th, 2018

Hey it's in the wee hours of Friday right now, but this afternoon my illustrator Greenfinger and I will be doing a drawstream to finish the humanized Turing Test and 002 "Sister Hug" picture started on Wednesday, so come by and join us at 4 pm C on Green's Twitch Channel "GreenfingerDraws!" We always love the company, and we'll both be on hand to answer questions or just chat.
Oh, and you can catch a recording of Wednesday's stream too.

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You bet I'll be there :pinkiehappy:

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