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Return to Power · 9:02pm Jan 9th, 2018

Ahoy ahoy! Time to ramble!

Let's start the year off with an update on my post-hurricane situation; power came back to my neighborhood in December! After more than two months of darkness and ridiculous data bills, I finally have power and internet again! Mind you, that doesn't mean that it's come back everywhere yet (some places are still completely forgotten and untouched, even now in January), but I'm at least doing quite a bit better than many others.

Rebuilding is still agonizingly slow, and the economy is tanking, so we're not really out of the woods yet, and won't be for years.

Anyways, it's been a little odd, getting back online. For the first couple of weeks, it felt as if I didn't even remember what I used the internet for. I managed to catch up to Pone and SU, at least! I've started writing silly snippets again, with my usual partners in crime (you criminals know who you are), and I've starting playing a lot of PUBG with my buddies.

I also got invited to Mono's Discord server, which was a bit of a revelation, because I'd been using Discord pretty much as just a quick-and-dirty voice chat for games I play with my friends, not using it as a community.

Yes, Mono was my first. *blush*

Anyways, it's full of really fun people, and it's been a great thing to be a part of, so far; especially considering how lurky I tend to be! And honestly, besides the disturbingly small 2000-character limit on messages (not that great for writing on-the-fly snippets!), Discord feels and plays a whole lot better than Skype does, so I'm fully on-board to switch over.

So! To all those lovely peeps that I've invited to stalk me on Steam/Skype/Whatever in previous blogposts, if you have Discord, I'll probably be spending a lot more time on there from now on! I've been toying around with the program for a while, getting a feel for it; I even made a simple server to try this brave new (to me) weirdness out, if you guys wanna chat with me or ask about whether Ballad or HL3 gets released first.

Anyways, as far as the creative side goes, that had been pretty much put on hold since September of last year when Maria hit; it just completely stole the wind from my sails as far as writing and photography goes; I'd been going full steam ahead on a LWA fic before the storm, and the poor thing just stalled after I was left without power. Hell, even that other pony one-shot I'd been teasing has been left untouched... And would you believe I didn't take a single photograph in the month of November? Not even of the rescue helicopters?

Those that know me will realize just how insanely out of character that is for me.

Anyways, here's to a new year, and renewed beginnings! I really want to write more of everything, talk more of everything with everyone, and take more pictures (I even gifted myself a new camera body!).

Screw you, 2017... And 2018, you better be awesome, buddy!

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Glad to hear you're not in the dark any more! Let's hope things get better for you and the whole island, and preferably sooner rather than later.

I didn't take a single photograph in the month of November?

Inexcusable! Regardless of the circumstances.

I hadn’t checked StatusPR in over two months, so it’s good to see that most of the island’s finding its way back to normality.

It's good to hear things are slowly improving over there. Somehow, breaks just tend to interrupt writing. Whenever I'm forced to take a break I just go months for picking up the routine again. :o

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