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The Nameless Queen's Hive · 3:39am Jan 9th, 2018

Create your own unique changeling within The Nameless Queen's Hive! Everything is fair game! You may choose one of the available changelings as your own to customize. First come, first served! :moustache:

Available changelings:

Caretaker: 0
Gatherers: 0
Geneshifter: 0
Infiltrators: 0
Warriors: 0
Workers: 0


First Generation:
Pupa, gatherer. (By: Robipony)
High Tides, gatherer. (By: Captain Absolution)
Apathy, worker. (By: PuppetXMaster)
Nymph, infiltrator. (By: Feng Leigh)
Black star, warrior. (By: Fireheart 1945)
Lazy Mist, worker. (By: M127)
Sunstrike, warrior. (By: Ereg)
Evening Star, gatherer. (By: Phazon_Corrupted_Unicorn)
Phengaris, worker. (By: QueenChrysalisForever)
Farris, infiltrator. (By: GIULIO)
Max Volt, gatherer. (By: Kauetheadventurer246)
Farsight, warrior. (By: Guardsling66)
Largo, infiltrator. (By: Jest)
Insectsidous, warrior. (By: The oracle)
Redwood, worker. (By: MrRapture)
Athro, infiltrator. (By: Saris Daddy)
Rose, gatherer. (By: Frostbite is crazy)
Onyx Axe, warrior. (By: Wolf Lord Eric Longtooth)
Cold Iron, infiltrator. (By:Kai_)
Balto, gatherer. (By:ScarletRhine)
Facade, gatherer. (By: ZeroOneInFinn)
Mask charade, gatherer. (By: Marina Oceania)
Pencil Sketch, Gatherer. (By: SkyeDragon)
Volkanor, Gatherer. (By: Out of Place)
Devian Mality, Worker. (By: KitaUne)

Second Generation:
Abathur, Geneshifter. (By: Me :derpytongue2:)
Tessera, Geneshifter. (By: Rathalos122)
офицер, Warrior. (By: T-14 Armada)
Gears, Worker. (By: G3AR B0X)
Rayla, Warrior. (By: Lariel)
Elytra, Worker. (By: DragonGeek)
Krystal, Caretaker. (By: Razor Blade the Unicron)
Prazur, Geneshifter. (By: KitaUne)
Cocoon Cradle, Caretaker. (By: SkyeDragon)
Phantas, Worker. (By: WhiteRose)
Macdis, Warrior. (By: Malcolm129)
Eldritch, Geneshifter. (By: Foxaholic)
Silent Bastion, Warrior. (By:JohnrId03)
Typhoon Storm, Warrior. (By: Commander_Pensword)
Prefect Shield, Worker. (By: Moon_Fire)
Brass Spring, Worker. (By: Tik-Tok-deerpony)

Report AniMun · 2,514 views · Story: The Nameless Queen · #Hivemind
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Comments ( 177 )

I guess I would like to have a gatherer if I can.

I'm currently on my phone but I'll provide details on the character once I'm back on it. :pinkiesmile:

i would like to be a worker please, i am not autonomous and require someone to direct me, i also do not know names to well so i would be more like a drone then anything else

Hmmm, I say a Gatherer for me.
Name:High Tides
Disguise:An simple male blue Unicorn with a darker blue mane and tail, with a droplet of water and an simple quill over it.
Pony Work:He works as a freelancer, jump from job to job, doing good but not great.
Other Info:He is lucky, as in surviving things by not getting hurt by an hair-margin, but it leads into him getting into funny hijinks(I love that word).

There, that should help, right? PM me if you need more info.

do you need my traits and attitude?

You can tell me if you'd like to, otherwise Just a name and class is enough :twilightsmile:

Alright then, We have a gatherer! :pinkiesmile:

Ok, we have a new infiltrator! :pinkiesmile:

4769819 I am here now. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Name: Pupa (Changeling Name), Candy Skull (Pony Name)
Class: Gatherer
Disguise: A female pegasus with a violet coat, a pale white mane and her eyes are orange. Her cutie mark is that of a bucket filled with candy. She usually wears a purple jacket with a hood and has facepaint depicting a skull on her face.
Backstory: She claims to come from a unique group of ponies to the south that are very fond of the Nightmare Night celebration. As a result they try to prepare and work hard in order to insure that the next Nightmare Night is better than the last. This has resulted in her coming north to try to learn the traditions of other ponies in regards to the holiday. If possible she would like to share some of her traditions (might be able to find some information in the library in our new castle) with Ponyville.


Originally I had wanted to create a character and play it safe, but then I thought, what's the fun in that. Hopefully this character is still safe while also being really cool at the same time.:twilightsmile:

Name: Black Star

Disguise; light orange earth pony with a blazing fire for a Cutie Mark (mane, tail, and hooves are a darker shade of orange and all four hooves [in both forms] have horseshoes nailed to them as extra weapons). Goes by the name Fire Star when in disguise.

Disguise background; Fire Star is an earth pony from Appleloosa. He is a skilled farmer and enjoys partaking in rodeos, competions, games. Has a liking for lemon-lime flavored soda.

Hope I did it right!

May God go with you all :twilightsmile:

Class: Worker
Name: Lazy Mist
Disguise: a (possibly haunted) mannequin [elaborated in Details]
Details: The Queen is at a loss as to what happened to make this drone into what it is: one of the laziest workers in the hive.
He is apparently only motivated to do work under one of two conditions:

  1. To avoid immediate punishment
  2. To entertain himself, if he finds the task assigned entertaining

However, if this drone does work, he usually finds the least work-intensive way to do the job[without offloading it onto others. If Mist offloads work, he does so by refusing to do it until someone else is assigned to it], and is thus done fairly quickly.
Whenever asked about this Mist responds with something along the lines of "Sloth is a virtue: it motivates to find the most efficient way to go about a task."

Working with mechanisms [such as the traps of the castle] is usually what entertains him the most, especially the more complex mechanisms. Needless to say this turned out to be his field of expertise.

While Mist's thoughts are not occupied by something else, which is most of the time, he usually entertains himself by indulging in random trains of thought, seeing them to their conclusions. He will occasionally bug others about them, usually to ask questions regarding something outside his field of expertise.
These trains of thought usually result in useless knowledge about how to deal with probably impossible scenarios, but can occasionally spawn a good idea.

Lastly, it turns out Lazy Mist was too lazy to invent a pony disguise, and thus simply decided to take the shape of a mannequin whenever the need to hide arises. However, a mannequin that moves when nopony is looking gives the impression of a haunted mannequin.

Class: Warrior.
Name: Sunstrike.
Disguise: unicorn mare with bright white coat, and mark in shape of bright red sun. It is warrior, and Warrior must attract attention, distracting opponents from other trgets.
Specialization: Sunstrike can masterfully use reflective surfaces and sunbeams to blind enemies. Also have weird level of understanding of optics and propereties of different types of waves (like light or radiation).
Disguise background: just your random unicorn mare, who would never speak to you. If need arise, she will say that she is scholar from Baltimare.
Personality: likes tinkering with prisms, mirrorrs and light-based magic. Officially wants to become a battle mage. Secretly dreams to die for the glory of the Hive.

Name: Apathy (ironic name)
Class: Worker
Looks: no distinguishable features
Other Info: doesn't work well without someone to give orders. also has a soft spot for young fillies and dislikes the idea of hurting innocence
Bad traits: likes little fillies and believes the safest place for them is in a cocoon so the world can never hurt them as ley dream their lives away. is willing to go to great lengths to achieve this when the opportunity shows itself

aside from this he is a run of the mill changeling that puts a lot of value in leadership since he can't do things well on his own

Question: Is there gonna a scientist/evolution master changeling in the hive? The one responsible for improving your hive and changelings. Evolving them to survive in environment and unlocking a new evolution path for your hive to exploit.
Or is this class locked from us? To create a expendable changeling for the hive? :twilightblush:

If there is, I doubt they'd be a basic unit.

Most likely. I'm more into an engineering and technology development.
While a workers and warriors are an expendable units that you shouldn't become too attached to.
*Create your favourite veteran soldier. Only have him killed by the Timbewolf pack with trial and error method*

That makes me wonder though, how exactly are advanced units spawned, considering the hive must "unlock" them by having certain structures.
Unless the structures do something with the eggs[be it directly or indirectly through something they produce], I doubt advanced units hatch directly from eggs like the basic ones. I suspect an advanced unit is spawned by upgrading a basic one using such structures.

In any case, only the author can answer this one definitively.


I doubt advanced units hatch directly from eggs like the basic ones. I suspect an advanced unit is spawned by upgrading a basic one using such structures.

Upgrading perhaps a better gear and weaponry for unit. Kinda like a blacksmith structure.


There is, indeed, a Geneticist unit wich role is to upgrade the changelings abilities and general prowes. at least 1 geneticist must be named Abathur:pinkiecrazy:. Geneticists are Advanced units.

For advanced units to be spawned the hive need to have the right genetic code. This genetic code is provided by the various structures that not only "unlock" these advanced units but also serve as their working chambers.

In the next chapter you'll be able to choose 1 new structure to be built inside the hive (if we had 10 workers we could have build 2 structures), some of these structures can unlock new units.

As for special units (the diferent changeling breeeds) you need to acquire their genetic blueprint with another hives, bet it by raiding their hive or doing sidequests.

But I can see what do you mean with it.
I'll find engineering fascinating.






Changelings added to the hive :raritywink:

I'll take a Gatherer, if you don't mind.

Name: Evening Star
Role: Gatherer
Looks: A dark blue mare with a silver mane and silver eyes. In Changeling form her coat has a opalescent sheen, but that's the only thing that sets her apart from others.
Likes: Sitting in a corner, watching the room around her.
Dislikes: Loud parties, large crowds
Attitude: She's quiet and collected. Many ponies, when seeing her eyes, think she's blind. This, combined with her quiet affiliation, gives her plenty of time to study and analyse. Her cutie mark is a simple magnifying glass, suggesting to others that she'd be good at finding things, but it is more apparent when she makes observations about ponies that they didn't notice themselves.

changeling added :twilightsmile:

If there are any left I'd like to contribute one of my little ladies.
Class: Worker
Name: Phengaris
Disguise: Forest Green Unicorn Mare with a dark chocolate colored mane and tail. Her cutie mark is a baby blue pacifier which signifies her love of taking care of children.
Specialization: Helps take care of the hives eggs and hatchlings so the Queen can run other parts of the hive. Helps them grow and learn until they are old enough to be taught to fight or otherwise by those in other classes.
Disguise background: If/when she does end up outside of the hive, her cover is she is a traveling pediatrician who hates to see any child, be it changeling or pony, hurt or in need of care.
Personality: Very sweet and motherly, but can also be quite fierce and willing to fight if those in her care are threatened. Can be overly emotional in cases where a child dies after doing all she could to save them.

Hope that sounds okay? :twilightsheepish:

Changeling added :pinkiesmile:

*Cracks knuckles*
Alright then.

Class: Infiltrator
Name: Farris
Disguise: Crystal Clear, a dark teal unicorn stallion with an ivory mane and tail streaked with vanilla white streaks, and a magnifying glass as a cutie mark.
Disguise BG: Crystal Clear is a budding hippologist interested in the history of small communities such as that of Ponyville. Coming from Baltimare, he's come to the town to study the local traditions and histories for his 'eventual' thesis. He's fairly distant and cold, but isn't above kindling friendly relations with others.
Actual personality: Fairly one-minded and literal, Farris tends to be somewhat of a poor infiltrator for open-ended missions with many possible objectives that can arise suddenly. However, he makes up for this by being rather creative with approaching simpler objectives, often coming out of a mission without anyone even noticing that he was there. He can stay for long periods of time assigned to a pony, but he's best suited for short-term missions that are considered difficult to accomplish.

changeling added :raritywink:

Okay, here goes my first attempt to creating a changeling. I highly doubt this will be picked, but at least I would get some experience out of this.
Name: Max Volt
Class: Gather
Disguise: A male light gray unicorn with a messy black mane with a yellow stripe in a form of a lightning pattern. His eyes color is light gold. His cutie mark is an open book with a lightning bolt hovering over it. His magic aura - the color a unicorn's horn get enveloped when using magic - is a bright yellow.

Background story: Ever since Max was a young colt, he was always fascinated with lightning. Whenever there was a lightning storm, Max would always go to the neariest window and watch the lighting come crashing down. His would hang around pegasi and asked them question about how the lighting works. This ended up making him more comfortable talking to pegasi then any other race. His interest soon lead him down the path to experiment with electricity, although most of them resulted with him getting shocked and a shocked mane. One day, he was flying a kite during a cloudy day. What nobody expected was a lightning bolt to strike the kite and shock Max. The strangest thing was that it traveled all the hang down the string and made contact with his horn. He tried to cast a spell and ended up getting sparks of electricity shooting out. Curious about this phenomenon, he decided to see what that lightning bolt did to him. It took some time, but he learned how to successfully create lighting bolts from his horn, which leas to him earning his cutie mark. Through his entire life, he traveled all of Equestria to satisfy his thirst for knowledge on electricity. He decided to settle in ponyville as he took a break from his travels.

Other info: He tends to be reckless and can survive a lighting bolt with no serious injuries. He also acts without thinking and that tends to get him into different kinds of trouble. He gets along with pegasus far better then any other race. He knows some lighting based magic that he could use for selfdefense like shooting a spark to stun an attacker for a short period of time.

I'm not sure if I did a good job or not, but I can now say I manage to create a OC.

Changeling added, cool backstory :raritywink:

it's called Apathy btw, not Aphaty

Name - Farsight
Class - Warrior
Disguise - Pegauses Stallion, Crimson eyes, body colour blue, mane and tail black. Cuite mark Shield and a telescope on the front.
Pony back story - Works as an observer at Cloudsdale seeing what is happing around Equsitira reporting to the guard if some pony is in trouble or when he see danger.
(If you want me to expand on it let know)

Changeling added :raritywink:

I'm so excited. And I really like this GIF.

So how exactly does this work? Any more left?

The available list is always updated, so if there are any changelings in it, you can grab one for yourself!

As for how it works, think about it as your soldiers from the X-com games, you can name and personalize a changeling to make it more unique :raritywink:

Just remember, in case of a catastrofic event, changelings may die! But if it happen, you may choose another changeling to replace your lost one.

Also thanks for the fave! :pinkiehappy:

Name: Largo
Class: Infiltrator
Disguise: Large stallion with a deep, booming voice. His coat is violet, his hair two tones of a deep blue with a golden strip running through it. His cutie mark is of a single golden note. He is illusive but kind, having the air of a noble without the pompousness. He slips through high society with relative ease and his charisma and enchanting voice allowing him to get what he wants.

Alright, changeling added to the hivemind! :pinkiesmile:

Name - Insectsidous
Class - warrior
Disguise - Clear skies, tan pegasi, green eyes, has a chipped hoof on his front right leg, cutie mark is of a sky with no clouds
Pony back story - he was an average pony, worked for the cloudsale factory till he traveled to where they are now for work.
Personality- is slightly paranoid and is constantly worried that they'll be found out and crushed beneath the ponies hoof

Name: Redwood
Job: Worker
Appearance: a simple male changeling, with reddish-green eyes. Average height.
Personality: is neutral in a lot of situations, as he IS just a worker. He's much more talented at material work than mental processing. He also has a soft-spot for the piano.


Changelings added to the hive :pinkiesmile:

Name: Arthro (changeling name) Paper cut (name of preferred disguise)
Class: infiltrator
Disguise: usually a stallion with grey fur and a deep black mane. Emerald green eyes.
His Cutiemark is often book or paper related

Arthro tries to fit in and be as unremarkable as possible when deciding on details of his disguise. Usually he chooses his race depending on the main population of his deployment. Although he seems to favor the form of the Earthpony

Backstory:paper grew up in Rainbow falls as the son of a unicorn and a Pegasus mare. His family owns a papermill and after getting his Cutiemark he looks for a place to call his own
He dreams of getting his own bookstore one day.

Paper is usually quiet and doesn't talk much. His voice is soothing and calm.
Even if he doesn't talk much, he loves to sing and has a beautiful singing voice, but hates to stay in the spotlight of attention.
He's shy and not good when talking to mares

Just to secure a position for later :ajsmug: .
Name:Gears (Pony and changeling)
Disguise:Cloud grey Pegasus Stallion with blue mane and tail ending with light blue tips. Has cutie mark of a pair of gears *hint* profile pic *hint*.
Pony career:Occasionally sells gears and mechanical Knick knacks but mainly stick around at the hive.
Personality: Slighty likes to joke around and always attempt to sell his stuff to anyone he meets. Has arachnophobia.

Cheers big fellow!

forgot to say that your changeling has been added to the hive:twilightblush:

sorry about that :facehoof:

i have an idea for a ling for the hive, but it will have to wait until either one of the sciencey bugs are available or some sort of lorekeeper bug was available.

could you send a PM when either of those roles becomes available?


(Sorry I took too long to reply... I was (still am) kinda busy... :facehoof:

Hmmm... may as well queue up a 'ling. xP

Name - Onyx Axe (Prefers Onyx)
Gender - Male
Class - Warrior
Disguise - Bulky, charcoal furred, earth pony with a black mane done up in a rough ponytail.
Cutie mark - A pair of battleaxes in a cross, flanked by a tower shield.
Pony backstory - A former militia stallion who began to travel the world as a sword for hire. He left nothing behind him, with no familial ties or homes to his name he spent a few years travelling the Gryphon Kingdom, learning what he could and earning what little bits he found.
But, as they say, all roads lead to home, and before he knew it, he was once again within Equestrian territory. After finding the town of Ponyville, he had decided that he had been on the road for too long and settled down within the Everfree.

Changeling - Cold, analytical and calculating. He lives for the hive but kills for the Queen. Most talks with him will be chipped and short, conveying the necessary information as quickly and as efficiently as possible. During combat, he prefers to rely on his strength and strategy. Often being fielded only with a double-bladed battleaxe and his magic, he prefers to be on the front lines but he will follow any orders from those above him. He respects the Queen and generals who fought bravely for the hive, but if he's ordered around by someone who, in his eyes, had never seen true combat, is a coward, or isn't worthy of his/her position, he'd reluctantly follow them, often questioning the actions and injecting his own strategic advice. Above all, he respects the changelings that defeat him in combat, almost as much as the Queen.
Disguise - Gruff, stern, and an isolationist. When talking to other ponies he is often guarded and suspicious of others, but honour bound. The quickest way to earn his trust would be to defeat him in one on one combat, or by fighting by his side. He often quotes long-dead generals, a few examples being: "An open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded." (1) or "Victory needs no explanation, defeat allows none."

(1): If you need a few, I've got a lot.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Your changeling have been added to the hivemind, pround knight :moustache:

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