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Wordsmithiness · 5:20am Jan 7th, 2018

Is anyone a good wordsmith, cause I need some good pony based country names, like how Saudi Arabia is Saddle Arabia and Germany would be Ger-mane-y. PUN ME!!!

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Comments ( 4 )

Looking for any places in particular? I'll try to help where I can. I've put most of my efforts into Europe so far...

France/French/Français > Prance/Prench/Prançais

Spain/Spanish from España/Español > Spone/Sponish from Espoña/Espoñal

Germany > Germaney or Germaneigh

Poland > Foaland

Austria > Faustria... Is that pone? Does that scan? :twilightsheepish:

Netherlands > Neightherlands

Switzerland > Switspurland

Belgium > Bridelgium

Italy/Italian > Pintoly/Pintalian

Greece/Hellenic Republic > Maece/Bullenic Republic, from the Minotaur and his maze

Scotland > Shetland, after Shetland ponies

Ireland > Shireland, after Shire horses

England itself could simply be Equestria, since Camelot (Canterlot) is said to have been located somewhere in Great Britain and I've had a hard time finding a pun for England. :rainbowwild:

...So, yeah, I hope that helps. Anything else in mind?

... I only got Norhay :twilightsheepish:

That helps tremendously, thanks!!!

I don't know why but that's hilarious to me... :rainbowlaugh:

You're welcome! It was a fun task. Let me know if you need any more input.

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