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Writing Advice Podcast: The Lust for Comments · 2:50pm Jan 6th, 2018

Hey everyone!

Yesterday I recorded a little podcast in response to someone on my tumblr asking me about frustration over not getting comments. I thought I would share it here just in case it's relevant and useful for anyone.

Listen here!

For what it's worth, FIMFiction has easily been the most reliable place I've ever posted in terms of feedback. The community here has been awesome to me. This 'cast isn't really focused on how to get comments so much as it is about dealing with expectations - it's something a lot of new writers struggle with, and something I myself had issues with when first starting.

So hope you enjoy it, and that it helps!

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Comment posted by Dragonwaz deleted Jan 6th, 2018

Thanks for posting this! Great info; I would love to hear more.

Thank you! :) I appreciate that.

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