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I've written a few FoE fics, mostly to please myself and others and to practice my craft as a writer. Now for 4th-wall breaking. "Greetings! I am Delvius, chronicler of Roam and friend to Goldwreath."

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At Last, a Not So Goodbye · 2:02am Jan 6th, 2018

So it should have been apparent to anyone who's been following me the past 2~ years that my writing has slowed down. I published updates and blog posts months apart. To be honest it's been eating away at me; on the one hand I felt an obligation to finish what I started, and on the other hand real life stretched my attention so thin I could barely ever find time to sit down and write fanfiction. I thought I could power through it, but with college coming to a close in a few months and work coming right after, I realized I can't keep this up anymore.

I am sorry to all my readers, especially to those who've followed me because of New Roam. I've failed you now, twice. I hope you can understand and forgive me. Still I would like to express my gratitude; because of you I gained confidence as a writer and found success in non-fanfiction affairs. All your critiques, however small, have helped me greatly. You all know who you are. Know that you helped change my life.

I'd rather not drag this one out. It kind of hurts to type it; like I'm letting go of a part of my life. That's because I am. So it should go without saying that I'm discontinuing writing on this account. The baggage it's left on my mind has weighed on me for far too long. Better I take what I can from it now before it becomes a regretted failure forever.

That said, I'm not leaving this place. While I've moved on from Ponies, the values the show and this community has fostered in me remain. And I can always appreciate good writing, and this place has lots of it. So I'll stay and read, and to anyone who ever wants to talk to someone about anything, PM me. I can always find time to help other people out; at least as much time as you've all spent helping me. You don't have to bear your problems alone. I'll always be willing to listen.

That's it then. It's a huge weight off my chest, believe me. Again, I'm sorry, and again, thank you. Maybe one day I'll post a blog of success when I publish my first novel. In there, I'll credit all of you.

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Comments ( 26 )

Aww darn it, I was looking forward to more of New Roam... oh well, good luck with your future endeavors.

It's hard to continue something you started when your worldviews were so much more... hm, juvenile? Immature at least. Underdeveloped. It's like you're building a structure on top of sand. The foundations were weak because I didn't have the foresight needed to create such large stories. A mistake I hope to learn from.

Sorry for that, though. If ever I wrote some other stores, for the academia, I can let you look at if you like. All full of Roman stuff, of course.

4768002 Its fine, and that could be interesting.

Just let me know if you'd like to see them.

4768145 I'd like to, just let me know I guess.

Those years went by fast. Thanks yo, and have a safe future. You've undoubtedly given inspiration, and that's a great accomplishment. :twilightsmile:

As a writer, I can only hope that I make a difference in people's lives. Whether through pure entertainment or helping them expand their views. Your words are kind. Thank you. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for writing one of the best FOE sidefics on here, I really enjoyed it even if its unfinished. At least you managed to get over 250k into your story, which is better than never trying at all. Good luck for the future!

Comment posted by Delvius deleted Jan 12th, 2018

Thanks, that means a lot. I'm sorry I couldn't finish it though, but just knowing I made a difference for some people helps.


It's undeniably sad that such a great story comes to an unforeseen and far too premature end. I quite enjoyed the writing style and the different and new approach to the narration. The characters have so much individuality that I can't help but feel like it isn't a story I'm reading, but a biography. All in all: one of the best fanfictions ever written, at least in my humble opinion, and a work truly to be proud of!

However, Life almost never is fair enough to let us live our life the way we want -a fact I am only too painfully aware of-, and it would be unfair of me too to drag you down because of your very valid decision to leave this site. You, good sir, have all the right in the world -and may I even dare to say 'duty'?- to prefer the real life over a simple internet page, over a simple show which you have once cherished and loved but now outgrown, over a simple community that is yet so full of life but that you can't relate to anymore. I respect and fully support that. And while yes, I'll certainly miss the story and the author -a great guy I've been told-, I'll get over it abd be happy again soon enough, knowing that you'll live a happy and fulfilling life, carrying with you all the experience, emotions and traces of all the people you met here, for the better or the worse. I suspect most people here feel the same.

So I wish you, through the bottom of my heart, all of the successes this world can offer you, all the best memories you've yet to make, all the best friends yet to come and a long and happy life. Take care bro, and make me -the unknown stranger with the funny accent- proud! Have a life worth telling your kids to! Be the person you want to be! And most importantly : Show the world who's boss! :raritywink:

P.S. : I know I'm asking alot here, but send me a copy of dat book when you've found an editor, yeah? Your fine writing skills are just too addicting! ;-)

Man I really went overboard there. I shouldn't write things like that at 2 o'clock in the morning... sorry! :applecry:

Thanks :twilightsmile: Those words mean a lot to me.

Though I should reiterate that I'm not leaving the site. I still read the stories here; and while it's true I have outgrown ponies as a part of my life, the show still taught me things. I also said in the blog post that people are free to approach me if ever they need to talk about something.

Also, if you really like, I did write a number of stories since my hiatus from New Roam. I like to think some of the ideals in my fanfiction spilled over into those. If you want to read them, by all means, just let me know.

DAMMIT. I can't ever trust 2-AM-Destructor to do anything right, can I?! That sleep-deprived, bumbling idiot really shouldn't be left alone on the internet to embarrass himself. :raritywink:

Bah, anyway, sorry I misunderstood your post in such an extreme way. But that doesn't change anything I said, in the long run. It just adds a bit more flavor the whole thing, doesn't it? XD

I would be more than honoured if I could read more of your stories, no matter what or how long it is. In my honest opinion, you have a true gift that deserves to be recognised, and even though I'm literally a nobody on the internet, I would love to be able to help you achieve your dreams in any small way I can, be it through moral support or -maybe?- some helpful criticism. ^^


I wouldn't say Rome has fallen :P Just evolving. But thanks, I appreciate it.

Great, just great!

I finally get a job after battling the system for 7 long years, one where I have time to read while I work... And one of the stories that I had planned to return back to have been stopped like this... FoE why are you such a cruel cruel mistress?


Well that's great to hear, dude :twilightsmile: And well, that's just how life goes. I want to move on to writing other things, and the constant worry over this project just wasn't doing me any good. Maybe one day when I no longer worry about having work -- I'm looking for a job now, you see -- but for now it stays frozen.

I did say I'm always open to talk, so if ever, feel free :)

Neeeeigh I say! Neigh! I want to be a grumpy old man by now, I have become 26 after all! I don't want to be reasonable and talk over things, I just want those stories on my browser and those kids off my lawn! :derpytongue2:

Well there will always be many more stories :P That's what's wonderful about literature, it never runs out.

Dude it take me a single day of intense reading to chew trough a Harry Potter book... Hook me up to a medical system that take care of my needs and that challenge is accepted!


In that case I can suggest the Culture series by Lain Banks, some of my favorite sci fi out there x3

I think I remember this blog post but I'm still kind of disappointed.

Sorry to hear. Believe me, I was disappointed in myself, too. I thought I had something with those stories, and maybe I did. But while they developed me as a writer it also pointed some glaring flaws. I didn't plan ahead. I didn't outline or structure my story. I just wrote, and wrote clunkily.

These mistakes made me better I feel. Now I'm working on a novel. Here's hoping it'll be finished in a year or two.

aight then. so what are you doing now?

Me? You mean besides writing? Well I'm working on my first job. It leaves me some time during the day to write, and I can write more when I get home.

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