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Recon · 3:29pm Jan 5th, 2018

There's something to be said about the hospitalty of strangers. These messages are coming from so many different sources, there must be a ring of truth to them.

In that case... Equestrian War is coming. This changes everything.

The ponies in the town never came back. So I elected to take your advice. I'm trying to silence the quiet voice in the back of my head that this is stealing... but I suppose I have no choice.

I was able to secure about a week or two of rations, a map, some clothing to keep the heat off me, plenty of water, hoof-wraps to keep my hooves from burning in the sand, and of course, I have his gun. Plus the ammunition for it.

A few of you warned that the gun won't 'kill' her. And I suppose I understand. I suppose this is her world, after all. She'll break it at the seams to get what she wants.

At this point, Red is good enough to walk. I've taken a wagon and loaded my things. At this point what I'm unsure about is whether I should seek some sort of crowd to blend into? or stay alone. If I try to blend into a crowd, I risk missing him entirely. If I join the wrong group of people, I'm wrapped up on the wrong side of the war. If I stay alone, I leave myself more exposed than ever.

Given the scripts I've seen before, I'm not conviced these ponies won't attack or hurt me. For now, I have no choice. If my map is correct, I'm on the western end of Saddle Arabia. There's a trail that will take me to the country's capital, but it'll take many days, and there are towns that line the way. I have enough supplies to get to the first town, but that's it.

And maybe about 100 spare bits.

If he's alive, I might be able to break him out of this. War is a merciless machine. I only hope that it does not change him.

I'm setting off on my journey. If anything out of the ordinary happens, I'll keep this journal updated. Someone seems to be listening.

Maybe it just makes me feel less alone.

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Comments ( 6 )

lets review your options here:

Flutters is in the military, so joining the army will cause you to blow your cover, and you cant kill her, so there are really no pros in this situation.

going it alone means there is less chance of seeing him, and more chances that the Saddle Arabian government will find you, and label you a spy. but it also means you have more cover over RapeHorse.

despite the risks, i would say go it alone. but it's your call, Red.

Anon and Shy are in the same squad, so you'll need a gameplan on getting either Shy away from Anon, or Anon away from Shy.

And don't forget, this whole war started with no warning, so there's a possibility that Shy might know you're here anyway.

Keep yourself and Red safe is all I can say. War is coming, you wouldn't want to be killed.

Well, for one thing, she knows you're still alive. She also can't just delete you from the world with that terminal system, either.

But, Anon knows you're alive too, and he remembers you. In fact, he's been drafted and will probably be deployed in Saddle Arabia soon.

As far as physical stuff goes, change your coat color, dye your hair, try to pick up a Saddle Arabian accent, and change your cutie mark to something else.

Your gun might not be as ineffective as some might think. Fluttershy did die back there before the world reset itself.

The best way to kill a reality bender is to kill it before it can do its shit. That means a one-shot kill before she even gets a whiff of you. You're a nurse, so you know where to aim. Don't rely on the enemy to do your job for you, because undoubtedly she set this entire war up as an excuse to find you.

All of us here have faith in you. We'll do our best to keep track of Anon for you.

Learn how to maintain your weapon, learn how to aim and fire with it, do not be caught with your pants down. As another writer said, change everything about you, dye your coat and mane, cover your mark and keep your head down. Make up a back story as you're traveling, rehearse it. Do not make make a story up that you can easily lose track of, keep it simple, keep it believable. For now, blend in it the locals as best as possible and keep an ear to the ground for any hints of where troops are marching.

My advice may not be great, but hopefully it helps.

Stay strong Red. She can't win forever. Something will change

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