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Recently turned 18 year old that came back to the site after a loooooooong break. Mind you, still not that talented in terms of writing XD but I try.

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  • 102 weeks
    Game Plan

    So, NJAB 2 has about 4 chapters left before the story wraps up. My plan is to update as it goes, using free time as I please to write out the chapters.

    Of course, since the first story I've just been writing as ideas pop into my head. Sooooo, I really need to plan what I'm going to put in which chapters. XD

    The next chapter I haven't even started on yet, but that shall change shortly.

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  • 103 weeks

    Hello darkness my old friend~

    Feels good to be back.

    Aug 18th, 2019

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  • 152 weeks
    ( ͡°w ͡°)

    So I’ve been dead from this website for awhile.

    (Ya know, Incase you couldn’t notice .w.)

    In all honesty, I’ve lost interest in the show, and the fandom. So I stopped coming in here. But I figured it wouldn’t be fair to leave you all hanging. So, I’m going to finish NJAB2. After that, I may try to get back into the site, or I might leave the site all together. Not sure yet.

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  • 169 weeks
    New Chapter Sunday!

    It's finally coming. Next chapter of NJAB 2 is this Sunday!

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  • 172 weeks

    Yeah... massive writers block. :/

    I think the worst of it has passed, but it's still there. Another chapter will be posted within a week or two, just depends on if I feel that motivated .

    Bear with me. It's coming.


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Updates Weekly Are Back For NJAB 2! · 2:24pm Jan 5th, 2018

I will be going back to updating NJAB 2 at least once every week on Sunday. I've been sitting idle for too long and need to start updating a lot more. I'm sure you all want to know what happens.

Even though I'll be updating once a week again, I may post more than one chapter per week just because it's been so long snice the last chapter, and the story should've been done by now. It doesn't have THAT long left...

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and the story should've been done by now. It doesn't have THAT long left...

You mean not there will not be many chapters before it is completed?

Yep. I'm hoping to wrap it up in a month or two

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