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How was the Friendship is Magic movie? · 1:46am Jan 4th, 2018

So there was a Friendship is Magic movie released semi-recently? I haven't seen it, but I was looking around for fans of the show's reactions, and I can't seem to find much discussion anywhere. Did we all hate it, or what?

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It's a'ight. Like a long episode of the show, but with better production values.

it's worth watching.

A lot of people whine that Twilight was out of character. They're wrong.

The animation was absolutly the best the show has ever had, and the writing was okay. Over all I think I would give it a solid 8/10 being a basically a really good season finale, but not a truly great one, if that makes sense.

I liked it a lot the animation was on point and there were still some good jokes that you would see in the show but it's just Twilight's Kingdom episode turned into a movie powerful figure comes to Equestria steals the princesses Magic and so forth the storm king is even a less cool version of Tirek but don't get me wrong I still really enjoyed it

its REALLY good :pinkiehappy:

It was okay. Like the new characters and Tempest is the new waifu

Twilight wasn't OOC, she was just heavily nerfed. And, as always, all the other princesses were immediately captured at the start of the movie.

The music was good and the animation was excellent. The story was iffy but not bad. It's worth seeing.

The general critical opinion seems to be "It Was Okay."

Like, maybe it could have been more, but... it was okay.

To put it nicely, it was a terrible movie. It had many poorly done tropes, once again, Alicorn's are proven utterly useless, Twilight wasn't herself throughout most of the movie *she isn't the only one*, there are alot more bad points than good unfortunately.

The highlights of the movie to me were:
Everything before Tempest shows up, the mane six are great and play off eachother well during this little bit of slice of life they have for the opening.

Pinkie Pie, if you like Pinkie she is great throughout the movie.

The animation quality when you see the sonic rainboom is epic.

The ponies kill the bad guy, like dead dead, no remorse, and they play with the corpse during the end credits. :pinkiecrazy:

about 3/4ths of the movie are very bad, like the writers had a list of tropes they had to hit and they didn't do a good job of it at all, but I'd say see it and judge for yourself.

Me, I absolutely loved it, loved the animation, thought everything about it is awesome, and I am definitely getting the DVD of it when it's released!

Oh, and I loved all the music!

Animation and music were great. Story was soso. Some very good one liners. Plot more full of holes than a changeling cheese convention.

Only real problem I have was that Twilight was stupidly out of character in one bit. Like "have you even read the short form of who this horse is supposed to be" out of character. It's worth seeing, if only for Skystar and Tempest. Well, and, despite being useless, Rarity has the best lines.

I did not like it. It was extremely forgettable. Good animation isn't that impressive nowadays, at least to me, and that's basically all the movie has going for it. Even then it's obvious they cut a lot of corners to ensure they made a profit.

If you want my longer than necessary review you can read it here.

Author Interviewer

It was pretty bad, but it's more or less worth watching once just for the experience and so you can revel in the glory of Tempest Shadow. :V

Animation looked nice but I am not a fan of the design. The new pony look on the whole did not appeal to me over the old ones.

kits #15 · Jan 4th, 2018 · · 1 ·

Fizzlepop Berrytwist :ajbemused:

It was okay. Wasn't as bad as I was expecting in terms of the villain(s).

It was absolutely amazing.

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