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reddit on Twenty Minutes now · 1:54am January 3rd

Amethyst Wind organized a Fallout: Equestria book club on reddit. Today they're discussing my story "Twenty Minutes". Amethyst Wind asked me to answer some questions about it:

  • What inspired you to write Twenty Minutes? How did it come about?
  • Literature inspirations in general? Books/authors/articles/podcasts/etc
  • What drew you to Fallout: Equestriain the first place?
  • What other works do you have, if any, and of which are you most proud?
  • Future plans for creative efforts?

My answers are posted here: Fallout: Equestria bookclub on Twenty Minutes

(I wrote "they" and "discussing", but so far there's only one other comment.)

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Comments ( 4 )

I didn't realize your Cadance story was a Fallout: Equestria tale (but as usual, I need to read it).

I was interested in reading Fallout: Equestria until I heard it was basically a scene-for-scene recreation of Fallout with ponies. I'm not sure whether that's a good reason to be dissuaded from a work.

4765948 It's not a Cadence story; I just used some shopped gifs of Cadence in a blog post to taunt Skywriter.

(Taunting Skywriter is ineffective.)

Fallout: Equestria may use the same locations and factions as Fallout 2, but it couldn't be a reenactment of a game. I wrote a blog post about it: Why Fallout: Equestria is Worth Reading Even if you Hate it

Congrats on the highlight!

Anne Jamison teaches it every year at Princeton.

Wait, what. I thought that was only for one time. It's every year? Jeez. That's awesome man.

And what's all this "needs a total rewrite" nonsense? Excuses.

Does this new chess story happen to involve Celestia? :raritystarry:

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