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A German who likes history, Children and WW2 technology but not war

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  • 7 weeks
    Happy new Year!

    2017 ended, hello 2018! Happy new year, everyone!

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  • 8 weeks
    Merry Christmas!

    Already that time of year again? Time goes fast Anyway, Merry Christmas, everyone!

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  • 24 weeks
    Storm Irma

    I heard about the Storm Irma that is closing on on the US coast. I don't who of you live in the affected the Storm is to be expected, but I pray for anyone who lives there, that everything will be alright.

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  • 31 weeks

    I have 50 Followers! To be honest with you, I never thought or expected I would come to far, nor did I plan it, as I just write for relaxation and fun, nothing else.

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  • 32 weeks


    Today, I could need your advice/opinion.

    My proofreader had the suggestion that I should upload the remaining chapters on my two incomplete stories and publish the new onces should he take too long. I'm just unsure, given they're still not checked on errors, if it would be a good idea, but I don't want you to wait for too long.

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Happy new Year! · 11:00pm Dec 31st, 2017

2017 ended, hello 2018! Happy new year, everyone!

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Hello Brony commander

Hello, happy new year!

Happy New Year! :) I hope that you will have a great year ahead! :)

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