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Signal Boost: The Elephant in the Equine Room · 8:13pm Dec 31st, 2017

Hey guys, serious talk here for a minute.

You guys need to read this blog from Horizon about an attempted date-rape that occurred at BronyCon. In the comments, it was revealed that there has also been an attempt at Pacific PonyCon (the individual responsible for the incident at PPC was also at Babscon). It terrifies me that I've been to all of these conventions.

People suffer in silence because of shame and fear. This isn't something to be ashamed about. This is something to fight. Also remember, these are the actions of a very, very small minority (which I pray is actually just one person). This shouldn't make you stop going to cons, but instead just be aware. Protect yourself and protect your friends.

I didn't know enough to speak about this. Frankly, it's because I didn't want to know. I didn't want to deal with the fact that this kind of stuff happens. I mentally pushed it out of my head. That was a mistake and for anyone who was involved in this, I apologize.

We're on a cusp of a new year. Don't let this kind of stuff happen in 2018. You find out about something like this, speak out and you nail the bastards responsible with all of your might. These people are a blight on this awesome community and they need to be behind bars.

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#meetoo for reals.

Hmmm I am not a brony but this happens with Trekkies as well I know this well since I have been to places with star trek conventions that this happens.

Getting the word out on my Discord channel. That should help.

Thanks for letting us know, Novel. I wouldn't have heard about it otherwise.

Unfortunately, no fandom is free from this kind of a thing. Sexual harassment, abuse, and outright rape are sadly endemic in this world.

I will quote a good friend and author on here:
"Sir, shotgun to the face is the perfect cure for being an asshole sir!"

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I'm glad I'm reading through these signal boosts because I hadn't read any further comments since I originally saw the blog.

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