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A Hearth's Warming Story · 4:57pm Dec 29th, 2017

I don't remember:

Where I first saw a mention of Jinglemas 2017, the "Secret Santa" story exchange that Petrichord took over organizing this year, but I decided to give it a go.

With my AugieDog hat on, I sent in a request for a story featuring Fluttershy and/or Discord and received in return Pwnego's request for a story featuring Starswirl and Celestia. And since it was supposed to be a Hearth's Warming story, my mind went immediately to a not-entirely-successful story I'd written two-and-a-half years ago called "A Giant Leap Forward" all about how Starswirl could've managed to be a teacher to Clover the Clever as well as Celestia and Luna when he was nowhere in sight during the events of the first Hearth's Warming Eve.

Whether this version of it, called "Clover Honey," works any better than my first stab at the idea is an open question, but no you can read both and decide for yourself. :twilightsmile:


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I think I remember that one! Two and half years ago was about the time I was last involved in the writeoff. If I'm thinking of the right story I recall liking it. I'll have to check Clover Honey out.

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