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The home of the Shadowbolts Adventures and various other stories, mostly related to Equestria Girls.

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    Yes, this attempt was inspired by JaidenAnimation's badass Nuzlocke video.


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    The end of an era

    Some may think I'm talking about Friendship is Magic ending later this year. And that is also the end of an era. But while everyone was looking forward to that, another era ended entirely by surprise. It turns out that "Sunset's Backstage Pass" was the final Equestria Girls production produced by DHX. The license has been turned over to Boulder Media, whose plans for the franchise are unclear.

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    1: Sunset's confrontation with Celestia.
    2: Twilight wigging out in the forbidden section of the library.

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Legends of Magic · 5:44am Dec 29th, 2017

The "My Little Pony: Legends of Magic" series from IDW is probably my favorite thing to come out of their entire MLP line. For years they've struggled to tell compelling stories with the Mane 6 without breaking character, and while there are a few successes in there, for the most part their best work has come when they've explored secondary characters like Spitfire and Cheerilee in the "Friends Forever" line. So giving them 7 brand new characters to not only characterize all on their own, but send on a prolonged adventure throughout old-Equestria like a plucky RPG party on their way to defeat a world-threatening villain (in this case the Sirens), and solving various sidequests/crisis on their way is definitely playing to their strengths.

Words can't express how happy it makes me to see IDW playing with a group of characters they have almost complete creative control over, and doing a damn fine job of it. And yes while it does somewhat suffer from "prequelitis" where we already know how it all ends, they could take this journey onward for several more years, and I truly hope they do. I want to see this journey continue for quite some time.

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Hmmm...maybe I should read that then. The comics have generally been a bit hit and miss for the most part. While the one with the deer and the Anon-a-Miss fiasco were not their best work, I really did enjoy the movie prequel issues, Sombra's origins, and the story of how the mane five got together in the Equestria Girls universe.

Wait, I just realised all the things I liked were prequels. Wonder why that is.

LoM is certainly doing a better job giving character to the Pillars than the show has. Granted it's an entire line focused almost solely on them instead of an episode that has to juggle a larger cast.

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