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Adorkable Tales.#5. Moonlight's Tube-tacular Adventure! · 6:46pm Dec 28th, 2017


Moonlight here!

Once again ready to share a wacky adventure from “ The Book Of Lil Ole Me. ™”

So since I shared to you all about the time I almost died last time, I decided to share with you this time about the time I almost died…


But Moonlight surely you couldn’t have had a brush with death twice already in your life!?

And to that I say, Ha!

I’ve almost bit the big one, not just twice but thrice!

But for today's blog I’m focusing on my second brush with the cold hand of death, so get ready to like bundle up and keep warm this winter!

Because for this blog we’re going….swimming...yay!

This story takes place during a summer when I was younger, If you’ve read all my tale blogs you’d remember that i had moved to a small tiny house in the middle of nowhere.

It had like tall grass in the backyard that was taller than me then and if I had to say is probably  still taller than me now. (5’3 btw.)

I mean this place looked super shabby, but it was cheap and a steal as my dad put it.

“One day after years of hard work, this place will be a home you can pass down through the generations!” My dad said as he like held me by the shoulders, showing off a house that looked as if it were going to be pushed over by the wind.

Yay! I get to pass down the racoons in the attic and the snakes in the grass…

But one special thing this property did have was a lake! You heard right a frickin lake stream was like in walking distance from my house, it was hidden by a little bit of woods and just like swept on for miles on end.

My dad bragged about how it was prime fishing in these parts! And the one thing that caught young Moonlight’s attention, it was great for tubing!

What’s tubing?- Well it is when you blow up a seriously big round tube and climb atop it, then just drift down a lake stream and enjoy the scenery!

That is what it should be, to my dad though it was a chance to get drunk with some guy friends he knew and kind of just blow off steam.

I was young and didn’t know that until my mom explained it to me later, anyway I had opened my mouth and said.

“I sooo want to tube whoo!”

In which my dad said.

“Ha! Sorry princess but I think you couldn’t handle it.” He would then pat my head and walk away.

I was like, whaaat?

Did my dad just like dis me? To me it was just inviting challenge, he was saying he thought I was like far too girly to handle some lake water!

I decided that night to prove him wrong!

What a good choice that was! Yep nothing happened to scar me for life, no-sir-ree-bob!

This is when young me did something dumb, I snuck out of the house like at three in the morning. Which is dumb enough but also I brought a inflatable turtle with me, yeah like no tube just a floaty turtle.

Heehee. Young me wasn’t very bright.

I had snuck through the woods and came out to the lake stream, which here at night made the water look super black like ooze. I threw my turtle to the winds and bounced on, before I knew it I was swept downstream.

At first it was nice, I was floating alone in what at the time I didn’t know was a snake filled lake. Gazing up to the stars above and just saying to myself.

“Oh yeah! This is great, me nothing but water for miles and silence.”

Btw it wasn’t silent I remember now like hearing nothing but hissing sounds now, that and like wood sounds, you know branches breaking and weird odd howls?

What turned out to be fun at first soon became boring, I think I drifted for like an hour downstream when I thought it might be time to stop. But as when I started I could stand in the water, when I jumped off the turtle I like plunged deep-deep under water.

I screamed in horror as I could feel slimy things swimming against my legs, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t fish too. I quickly pulled myself onto the turtle shivering, unable to do anything but let myself sweep downstream even further.

Soon like two more hours passed and the water was getting deeper! I floated along like the fool I was scared out of my wits, as the sun slowly lifted higher into the sky above. I could see now where I was, which was up a creek without a paddle!

I was curled into a small ball and remember looking up, I promise I saw a huge snake just hanging from a nearby branch. Watching me and just waiting for me to mess up, it sent shivers down my spine!

A part of me was hoping against hope, that the stream would like loopback near my house and I could jump off and be safe. But that like never came close to happening, I was in big trouble here, the water was like super deep and I had no idea where I was.

I was certain my turtle would pop soon, it wasn’t the best shape in the world. And if that happened I would just sink below the waves, pulled into the dark abyss that was this bad choice and never be seen again.

And if I was seen again it would be in a less than desirable fashion…

I remember just curling up and crying, I was lost and so cold from the night out on this horrible stream. I just wanted to be held by my mom and dad, taken home and protected from any harm.

Then I heard it.

“I think that is her!” My mom shouted out downstream from me, she was crying too and beside a huge group of people with various shocked looks on their faces.

Turns out my parents found out I was missing pretty quickly, my mom got up for some coffee and noticed my turtle was amiss then putting two and two together,

“Ermerger! The turtle is not in bed and the girl isn’t in the closet!”

“I mean the girl isn’t in bed and the turtle isn’t in the closet!”

Or that’s how I picture it anyways. Heehee.

End Card

What ended up going down, was that my dad got in touch with the landlord. He knew the lake like the back of his hand, so he just simply put the time I was missing to a map of the lake and just found me.

Heehee. The other people were fire and rescue , my mom was freaking out and had told like the whole town I had drowned on the lake. I love you mom, you might be overprotective sometimes but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I was like grounded for what seemed like years at the time, but ended up being just three months. My turtle friend who carried me across his back safely, he was burned at a bonfire by my mom lol.

To this day I don’t really swim during summer, I get PTSD of dark slimy snake water when I try. I prefer to just curl up in front of a nice AC and read a book or simply write, my mom is thankful for that.

I don’t really try to prove my dad wrong anymore too, I’m proud of being kind of a girly girl now I think it defines me heehee.

I hope you all had fun reading this, remember if anyone would like to chat simply leave a comment.

My door is always open.

Until next time.

Bye-bye! :heart:

May The Night Bring Less Snakes.

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Comments ( 3 )

I'm five three too!


Heehee. We are so totes alike!

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