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    I promised a blog showing off art. It is about time I deliver on that. As the title says, one of these is an OC/ponysona/whatever the cool kids call them. There aren't any spectacularly big spoilers in any of them, though I'll just throw it out there that there are some original characters and the like. Check them out below the break. At the very end of showing off the pretty pony pictures that

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In which over 450 people decide that I'm worth stalking. (AMA) · 5:21pm Dec 28th, 2017

Maybe I need a restraining order.

Oh, and y'all still have to share one futon. I'm not a goddamn rich manflesh entity.

But I'm getting back into the swing of things. Expect stuff maybe. Words are in progress. I am typing words.

Anyway, because 450 is a big number, you get to ask me shit. Woo.

There were, like, two rules I had for these blogs which I'm certain mostly involved questions being typed n English because I have the language capacity of a grapefruit, but I'm too lazy to remember/put them here.

Ask me shit.

Comments ( 33 )

what were you thinking when you posted your first story?

Where do you live, where does your family live,what's your access, road, state, country, eye color, hair color, finger prints, age, can I make a secret tunnel under your house, what are your sibling names and parent names, do you own pets, where do you work, oh and finally, can I have 20 bucks and an ice pick?

That I might get a single comment! (I did)

Do you prefer Tea or Coffee?

=P OK then hmm... Oh I got one, which of your stories you have ever made is your favorite?

Majin Syeekoh

What attracts you to Sombra so much?

What's the most important thing to keep in mind when a person starts reading your stories?

None. You?
Favorable Alignment by a long shot.
>implying I'm Sombrasexual

The season three opening was one of my favorite episodes, especially because of how much it introduced. Sombra was obviously one of them. He was the only instance of pony-like royalty to have a title on par with the princesses, a mysterious historical figure, magic that two lady alicorns couldn't handle, and a lot of implied characterization - all his traps, the influence he had on ponies. Outside of him being a great thing to toss into a fantasy setting like MLP, he had a wealth of questions that I wanted to be answered about him. What did he do? Why did he do it? When, where, how? Who is he?

He was also one of the villains that really came close to getting what they wanted, and not just over a single character, but a majority of the cast. He was the first introduction to dark magic in the show, too. He was powerful enough to maintain an Empire. He has all this power. There's so much surrounding him that's screaming for a story.

I guess a lot of the things would be similar to how people love a lot of the background ponies (who have equal to less characterization than him and are still more popular), and that it's hard to find a story where he's really done justice and not just taken at face value or flanderised.

Plus, if you write a character enough (regardless of how important they are in the story and the role they have) they're probably going to grow on you.

It really depends on things. Their reaction, the story, a comment. There's different types of readers.

Majin Syeekoh

A very interesting analysis which I can agree with.

Especially the part about liking characters you write about a lot. I'm guilty of that, too.:twilightblush:


I'm guilty of that, too.

m i d n i t e   s p o r k l e

Majin Syeekoh

Oh, that's cute.:heart:

This sentence is a lie. Is the sentence true?

If you were never allowed to write a story about Sombra again for unclear reasons -- meaning that sombra can never even be alluded to in any story of yours ever again -- which pony would be your mainstay? Why?

Which character is the hardest for you to write?

Fuck. That'd really be difficult considering how important he is in my usual stuff.

It'd probably be Luna and Cadance though, I write them a lot already. They're sorta a trio, anyway.

As for the hardest ones? Pinkie Pie, Discord, Scootaloo, and Chrysalis (mostly the version I have lying around that never got written). I've never written Scootaloo, bu I can't really get the feeling needed to write her. Applejack isn't that hard to write, and I'm looking forward to writing more of her in the future, but her accent and speech patterns aren't ones I'm particularly good with and require a lot of extra work. It's mostly Chrysalis and Pinkie though.

Midnight Dazzle is too powerful to unleash upon this world, and must never be.

One or the other.

Or else we'll get the crackfic of a lifetime.

What are you looking forward to in 2018?

If someone asked you to dance what would you do

also springtime, which is nice
Give them a friendly smile and tell them to go fuck themselves

tbh i was expecting something like that

How much does sombra like pizza and does he like pizza or tacos more.

He's likely a) never had a pizza taco and b) killed at least one pony for something pizza related or c) b will occur eventually.

Excellent question.

Comment posted by EmberLight deleted Dec 29th, 2017

Congrats on the milestone. What got you into writing and publishing on Fimfiction?

Having so many ideas!

well I can't drink coffee, so tea.

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