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The Darkening (Chap 2) · 4:08pm Dec 28th, 2017

Hello all! I hope you've been enjoying the holiday season. Things have been great here on my end, and I now wish to present to you an excerpt from chapter 2. Chapter 2 will be published on Wednesday (Jan 3rd), I hope you enjoy it. Catch the excerpt after the break, and have a Happy New Year!

Big McIntosh had come to terms with Apple Bloom's fate and moved on, and Spike had suggested that she should as well, but that just wasn't possible.  She had been caring for her little sister since she herself was a little filly, and Apple Bloom an infant.  Even after she had become old enough to start helping Big Mac with running the farm and Granny Smith took over raising Apple Bloom, Applejack had still felt responsible for her little sister and had fretted often.

She vividly remembered lying awake in bed worrying herself sick on the night before Apple Bloom's first day of school, and her anxiety over her first sleepover with her friends at Rarity's.  But clearer still, she remembered walking into her parents' room and staring at the brand new foal in her beaming mother's hooves, and the sense of wonderment she had felt as the infant's eyes had traveled to hers and locked on, as if she somehow already knew who she was.

But now, that precious little filly was a monster, a grotesque perversion of the pony she was meant to be.  She didn't know Applejack from Chancellor Puddinghead, and certainly didn't remember any of their old life together.  Apple Bloom was suffering, and it was Applejack's obligation to end it.

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