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Black and the Blue · 12:41am Dec 28th, 2017

Black and the Blue
By Super Trampoline

No more flowers blooming out on the trees
But the strange fruit still grows strong
50 years of begging down on our knees
Tell me what’s another protest song?

Imagine the terror in your eyes
Whatcha gonna do when you realize
It don’t matter if you got alibis
If you’re black and they are blue
Black and the blue

He was holdin’ something I couldn’t see
Turns out it was just his state ID
Had his hands up but he still scared me
Never know what a negro could do

Pull the trigger fucking son of a bitch
Light that body up and make the kid twitch
Don’t you worry now your boys never snitch,
Don’t you know the rookies look up to you?
Black and the blue

It’s a problem that transcends color lines;
It don’t matter if you’re rich or gay
Woman, children, babies all doing fine
‘Til the bacon came and ruined their day

It’s a brake light, it’s a puff of a plant
It’s a school fight, it’s a peddling aunt
Prison pipeline from the blue sycophants
But your pigmentation don’t help you
The black and the blue

You may think that there’s an ax I must grind, but
All I’m asking is police be color blind, cause
Every day they’re shootin’ comrades of mine
Is a day I ask what can we do?

No change is ever coming around ‘til
We the people shut the whole system down, will
You join me taking back our fair town, it’ll
Take all that we got to get through:
Take it back from the blue.

Comments ( 8 )

Nice poem there. You're not serious, though, are you?

Because if you are... stop watching televised news. Take your medicine, even if it's a red pill.

Or don't. Do what the hashtag says. See what happens.

You have to understand, police relations in America are WAAAAAAAAAYYY different than in Europe. Here they are sometimes not much better than an occupying force. Some average departments literally have tanks.

Oh, I understand that well enough. Allow me to return the favour: understand that we here in Europe now have to line our Christmas markets with concrete blocks, and that instead of police, we get the f*cking military guarding our train stations.

And why? Well... can't say, really. Because if anyone says it out loud, that's hate speech.

Same as how it is hate speech to bring up the whole Rotherham mess, where police officers completely ignored decades of child abuse because the perpetrators were... well, they were afraid of people... basically parroting what you're saying here. With slightly more cream in the mix, pun not intended.

So as much as I can appreciate indulging in a bit of iconoclasm (part of my religion, look it up, can't hate me for it, yo :rainbowlaugh:) I must urge you not to lose track of the more practical implications of such rhetoric. Implications such as people no longer wanting to serve as police officers, or hesitating in a potentially fatal situation out of fear of what people might think of them.

This is what it looks like to an outside observer, that's all I'm saying.

And understand this: issues of radical Islamic terrorism in Europe rose directly as a result of American and European imperialism and meddling in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia over the past century.

Right, because the Rotherham rape gangs are the same thing as terrorism. So is genital mutilation (though, okay, I'll concede on that one, since America's stance on that is only half as severe as it is in silly old Europe), honour killings, and acid attacks. And Charlie Hebdo was a military target. And Islam is a religion of peace and we must atone for the sins of our fathers by letting everyone into our homes and hearts.

That's iconoclasm done. If you want some heresy or sacrilege, give me a headsup and I'll prep it for ya.

Wise Cracker is here to dish up some steaming hot reactionary nationalist white dude takes on your blog.

Boi he bout to do it


Racially homogenous ethnostate Europe is never going to happen, my man.

Go ahead and call me racist. I fuckin dare you. I'll have you know I not only perform White Genocide by having Interracial sex with white women, but I also think white Genocide is the funniest shit ever.

Globalist Jew Puppet Master George Soros paid me $300 in soros shekels to post this.

Have I mentioned that I am a pansexual black transwoman with a fairly large and strong dick? I'm the person y'all make jokes about on 4chan as being an unholy amalgamation of everything progressive politics endorses.

*Smashes that post comment button*

You know, Super Trampoline, if you wanted me to stop, you could've just said so. No need to drag someone else into it, least of all a stranger to hilariously misrepresent not just my views, but my religion as a whole. Though I will admit, the iconoclasm is strong in this one: joking about taking money from a Jew and at the same time joking about genocide, that got a chuckle out of me. Not to mention pretending to be a stereotypical progressive whilst at the same time insulting a religious minority in true collectivist fashion.

Keep building those bridges, my friend. Gotta give the trolls their living space :twilightsmile:

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