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So, Help Me Decide Please · 6:02am Dec 26th, 2017

So I wanna get a book. The only problem is that I can’t decide between two books.

I’m looking at either:
Starfire: A Red Piece by Spencer Ellsworth (And it’s subsequent two sequels)
The Wrong Stars by Tim Pratt

Any recommendations for which I get?

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Not familiar with either, but I think someone I knew mentioned the former recently.

Also not familiar with either, alas. What do you know about the books that would make you choose one of the two?

User reviews, mostly. Starfire has a bit better of a rating and I read a little of the google preview, really liked it. The Wrong Stars I don't know much about, but it's a fair bit longer and the synopsis seems a bit more interesting.

Did I just answer my own question? (Starfire)

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