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A Merry Hearth's Warming Message · 4:40pm Dec 25th, 2017

Hello! And Merry Christmas!
Joyeux Noel
Mele Kalikimaka
Feliz Navidad
e Boun Natale
Merii Kurisumasu
Happy Hanukkah
Merry Kwanza
Merry Hearth's Warming

From me to you, happy holidays to all wherever you are

Luffy: Here we are, warm and cozy by the fire's glow 

Fluttershy: Singing songs and stealing kisses under the mistletoe *soft kiss to Chopper*

Usopp: We've finished our feast

Sanji: Had the tastiest treats

Chopper (blushing): B-B-But the spirit of Christmas just isn't complete...

Straw Hats & MLP: NiM cast: Without true friends and family and the memories we recall

Luffy & Twilight: It's the love we share that fills the air and makes this

Straw Hats & MLP: NiM cast: the best Christmas of all~

Pinkie Pie: Something special underneath the tree

The Cake babies cheer out

Rarity: I hope it fits you perfectly. *hands out clothes*

Nami: I'm making a wish on a sparkling light

Franky & Robin: But that's not what makes this magical night~

Straw Hats & MLP: NiM cast: It's our true friends and family and the memories we recall

MLP: NiM villains (chorus): That we recall~

All: It's the love we share that fills the air that makes this the best Christmas of all

Straw Hats only: It's good friends and warm wishes that makes this the best...

Spike: Makes the best~

All: Christmas of all!

"Merry Hearth's Warming everyone!"

Ah~, fuck it! Here's a gift, but don't expect a follow-up!

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee the full story to be posted. And if however unlikely it does, scenes and lines are liable to change. If you don't wish to be spoiled quickly leave or skip down to the comments should you want to leave one. Characters are owned by their respective creators. Please support their official releases...


Twilight: "I know that none of you were expecting this..."

    Scene: Large doors open revealing a room decorated for a wedding and filled with ponies. Neither Twilight, Luffy, nor any of the Straw Hats were within the audience. They all looked at the doors as the bride, Princess Cadance, walked down the aisle. On the other side, Prince Shining awaited his blushing bride. For some reason, his eyes were a sickly green.

Twilight: "None of you expected that this would turn into a war zone."

    Scene: a deep, dark mist parts. First revealing a mansion, then a castle, and finally large wooden structure behind it. Looking further up, the structure appeared to be a mast. It is then revealed to be part of a large ship composed of a chunk of land; Thriller Bark

Twilight: "We're unprepared..."

    Scene: the Thousand Sunny and a large, dilapidated ship are rocked by rough waters. Both are then caught by large and thick webbing.

Twilight: "We're outnumbered 10 to 1..."

    Scene: The (new) Straw Hats are surrounded by duplicates of themselves. The center group looked determined to fight their doppelgangers.

Twilight: "We're probably easily outmatched..."

    Scene: A castle tower crumbles. A gigantic pony stood in a gaping hole in the tower. Though a shadow covered it, the creature clearly looked like a Sleipnir. There, however, were distinct differences from your average Sleipnir; it had two curved horns, was three times the size of a normal one, and though just barely seen due to the shadow it looked red and decaying.

Twilight: "Altogether, it just seems hopeless, doesn't it?"

    Scene: Behind some sort of glass dome, Twilight looked at all her friends behind it. She frowned sadly towards them, and then she lowered her head in regret. Turning away from them, she then walked away. Leaving before her crew and the town of Ponyville trapped in the glass dome.

Twilight: "...But!"

    Scene: The brothers Flim and Flam relaxed in their easy-couch, their Super Easy Cider Squeezy 6000 working efficiently. Neither one noticed a group of ponies, a minotaur, and a baby dragon approach the farm, the Apple Family farm. It was the (new) Straw Hat crew, and they looked ready to fight.

Twilight: "Our enemy doesn't know our strengths."

    Scene: Past scenes are displayed: Twilight's impressive display of magic in use to calm the Ursa Minor. Applejack's power kick that defeated Kalifa. Fluttershy's taming of Monster Point Chopper. Rarity's brave sacrifice in defeating Kalifa. Pinkie Pie's skills in the Davy Back Fight Groggy Ring game. Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom. Spike discovering the secret passage. Luffy's battle with CP9 member Lucci. Zoro's battle with CP9 member Kaku. Nami stealing the key from CP9 member Kumadori. Usopp - as Sogeking - burning the Black Empire flag at Enies Lobby. Sanji defeating CP9 member Jaku. Chopper's transformation into Monster Point. Robin's display of her Hana-Hana Devil Fruit powers. And finally, Franky fighting Fukuro.

Twilight: "Of our bonds!"

    Scene: Flashbacks - Young Twilight with young Ace, Sabo, and Luffy sharing their ritual drink making them all blood siblings. Young Robin watching over the young blood siblings. Young Twilight playing with Shining Armor, then playing with Cadance. Twilight with her new friends using the Elements of Harmony for the first time. The Straw Hats partying in Skypeia. The (new) Straw Hat crew partying with everyone in Water 7.

Twilight: "And our determination!"

    Scene: The (original 7) Straw Hats attacking Discord on the flying Going Merry. Followed by the Mane Six and Spike arriving on Enies Lobby and then teleporting to the top of the courthouse to join their friend in rescuing Robin.

Twilight: "They may think they have won..."

    Scene: A swarm of black, insect-like ponies army stood poised with a larger, Alicorn-like, bug pony smiling devilishly. A big white ogre looking like a devil with three ponies with an army of zombies shambling forward. Behind all of them, the large and devilish Sleipnir's silhouette appeared behind them. Finally, an army of black coat stallions marching forward. Behind this army were several figures, one of them being Satsuki Kiryūin. Then, everything is engulfed in shadow revealing a ghost-like pony with wicked grin and green, fiery eyes.

Twilight: "But if my time with my brother and his crew has taught me anything..."

Scene: A group of mares takes up poses wearing different colored sailor uniforms.

Scene: Rainbow Dash - in the Wonderbolt cadet uniform - meeting a large stallion Pegasus with spiky black hair and wearing an orange gi.
Scene: The Cutie Mark Crusaders drifting away in a blue hot-air balloon.

Twilight: "Is that giving up is never an option!"

    Scene: At night, most of the (new) Straw Hats stood before the mysterious and abnormal Sleipnir. All of them looked ready to fight with all they had against the creature. Yet, behind them, a sword cane was drawn with a skeleton hand holding it downwards.

Twilight: "You have to fight!"

    Scene: Luffy performing Third Gear while falling; inflating both his front legs.

Twilight: "And fight until you win!"

     Scene: The (new) Straw Hats charged against their doppelgangers along with a group of five mares along with Princess Luna, who was also in a sailor uniform unique to her.

Twilight: "And we're going to do so, together!"

    Scene: The crowd of ponies (and a few other creatures) cheered at Twilight having been inspired by her speech. One by one, each began to become glossed off in a semi-crystalline texture. Others wore the uniform of the Royal Guard, and some looked plainer than the others yet also looked to be pirates. Many were raising up weapons, some simple and others more interesting. Like a red, scissor shape sword and a black sword. Standing near Twilight stood Shining Armor and Cadance along with a small and shelled seal. Both of them looked proudly at the young mare. Nearby, so was her crew.

Finally, Twilight made one last deliverance. "Now let's fight for the freedom of the Crystal Empire!" she shouted with great determination.

Now, everyone cheered. Their spirits invigored, their weapons raised in ready, and a fire of resolution alight within their eyes. It was time to fight back.

    Scene: As the clouds parted, the sun's rays began to peek through. They hit the crystalline city that increased the light to stretch it out farther to shine on the whole snowy countryside. And not far away, reveal the ship Thriller Bark docked off the coast. The Thousand Sunny still docked within the island ship's ring, and a blue hot-air balloon tethered to the highest tower of the ship.

And to add more fuel to the fire, there are or were things planned for before this season...

The first of the anthology series, a collection of side-stories for MLP: NiM. The Friendship Chronicles take place between the "calm" and the "storm" of the main series. This will be a more original story that diverges mostly from Fairy Tail after its "Seven-year Timeskip"

Part 2 of the same series, the Friendship Chronicles. No hints, but for this story, I will be asking for a certain kind of OCs to join in the adventure.

A story based on Luna's absence through season 1 and part of season 2

An alternate telling of the "Equestria Girls" story, given a new name since it focuses on more than just the girls. This one in particular will be a one-shot only.

Again, nothing is plan to be posted. I'll be sure to inform you all should this change. But until then...

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and have a happy New Year!

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Wow! So much to see!!

Yeah, but unfortunately, none of it will be posted anytime soon. I need to get back working on an actual book

Wow, I really look forward to this. Even though this makes me excited to see what's to come, I understand and respect a person's(or peoples')need to have as much time with their work or projects.:pinkiesmile:

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