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Of Wishes and Stories · 1:27pm Dec 25th, 2017

Greetings, everybody,

it has been a long year, an eventful year, but here it is again. Christmas. A special time, regardless of beliefs and opinions. A time to share with family and friends and people we care about.

Like the readers. The wonderful readers that give their time and effort to read and comment and share their excitement. So, using this most appropriate opportunity, I want to wish for all of you that follow my works (or who stumbled upon my account, I don't discriminate), all the best in life. God's blessings, joyful days, many wonderful memories and determination to face life and all that it brings.

Those who would like to learn more about what was going on with me lately and what the future plans of your resident Trickster are, please, I invite you to read on.

What was going on? A lot, let me tell you. Between my work crushing me down with the amount of assignments (legal advice do that to you with the sheer volume of petitioners) and my personal issues regarding, well, depressive tendencies of the very, very low kind, I have been trying my best to just stay afloat. This is a good opportunity to thank all of you who cheered me on and supported me, even indirectly, by comments and favorites and messages, as I found those little sparks of joy from each and every notification here. Just something to keep one going, I guess.

But, times have not been the kindest to me, robbing me of most of my strength to write and create and... You know how it goes. This is, by no means, some emotionally-blackmailing explanation to the lack of updates on my stories, unfortunately, just a sad state of affairs. A lot happening in my recent life is what pushed me into fighting my inner daemons and it is not the kindest of fights.

However, it's this special time of the year that can give one the impulses to go on and motivate oneself. And so, let me share with you what I have planned for the upcoming year.

Journey with a Batpony – my longest work yet deserves the first spot on the list of plans, even by its sheer magnitude. The next chapters is under construction as we speak and it shall be my priority to publish it not long after New Year. I still am keeping the direction of the story I desired and I am more than overjoyed to have readers discuss what is happening and anticipate the future. Well, the future is coming and it shall be, hopefully, filled with more surprises, intrigue and romance;
The Rose and the Serpent – my "snek" fic (damn you, Prane) receives mention due to the fact that it has become my little playground of the purely villainous kind. I plan on writing chapters for it as time permits, trying to flesh out the characters and plot still, to see if one can, well, mesmerize the readers with a more complex story with an "look into my eyes" theme. So far quite good, so stay tuned for possible updates too;
Grave Matters – the little Dark Comedy shall be staying around, with updates given it as humour of mine dictates. I think it shall be a good tale to add to in moments of respite from the big works. Like a relaxing drink, like a spiritual experience. If you read those "Matters", you know what I mean;
Your Money or Your Life – wait, why is this here? Well, perhaps due to the fact that I am attempting to write... well, something of a sequel to the one story that exceeded all of my expectations, even becoming the best story on the site at a time (I have screenshot proof). So, maybe it is finally time to build upon it again and see what the dice roll on it shall be again? Maybe another natural 20;
– Other Short Stories – with a lot going on and ongoing tales too, I might not have the opportunity to create smaller, random works, but I leave this topic open. You never know when inspiration hits and, here's hoping, I will let myself be hit from time to time after all.

And that will be all for the moment. Once again I want to thank all of my readers who cheered me on, commented, favorited, followed, lurked, stalked and were caught by the Police for it. It is thanks to you that I can push on to create more, even if it takes me a while to do so.

So stay tuned, stay safe, stay wonderful and Merry Christmas to all of you,


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You are making me cry


... I sincerely hope those are good tears.

Good luck dude, great to see your bat pony series continuing, happy holidays:twilightsmile:


Thank you very much. Happy Holidays to you too!

And happy holidays to you too Gulheru! I really hope this holiday can give you a break from work, just like me from studies. What huge program you got there, can’t wait to see an update in all of them, especially the Journey, considering that every chapter I read so far left me with a “didn’t see that one coming” expression on my face. And good luck with the sequel of Your money or your life, I’m sure you’ll rock!

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