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What to Do on Christmas · 9:34pm Dec 24th, 2017

I’m trying to start a new holiday tradition.

1. Buy a box of cookies.
2. Bring it to a random business that’s open that really shouldn’t be.
3. Give it to whomever is stuck behind the counter.

The holidays can be a lonely time, especially for people who are kept from their families. A random act of kindness has the power to go a long way.

- Sprocket

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Comments ( 4 )

Count me in, Sprocket! I'll be doing this tomorrow!

I love this idea and if i wasn't stuck in bed with the flu I'd definitely do the same. Hope more folks pick up on this idea.

Hope you feel better soon, Ferret!

Have cookies to some folks at a convince store and the local Waffle House. It made them both very happy!

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