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Discussing Stuff for the Upcoming Year · 8:45pm Dec 23rd, 2017

Well, I have an overactive brain when it comes to ideas so I decided I would post a few of these ideas for stories I would like to work on in the upcoming year and see what you all think.

First, I am thinking of expanding more upon my Gorgony-Verse, hoping to flesh out the world and make it more interesting. I have a few ideas for some short stories involving Euresia and one for Fluttershy (another episode themed story).

Then there was one idea that came to mind known as Dark Ages, basically these would be short stories taking place in the Gorgon-Verse, sometime after Echidna arrives in Equestria, the first Gorgonies and stories based around the conflicts between them and those who hunted them. These stories would be darker then usual when it comes to the Gorgony-Verse, however I can say it ISN'T going to be a Disney Pocahontas trip. Both sides will have their heroes and villains, just like real life, and both sides will have just reasons for fighting.

However, that is just an idea. I'm not even sure I have the energy to do it until I establish more of the world.

Second, I had this idea (which I may have mentioned in one of the groups) where I did a story that would have a chapter for each day in October. A sort of 31 Nights of Halloween fic, however I don't see myself being able to do that since that would be me writing 3.8 chapters a month at this time. So I will limit it to 13 and I will try to write out some chapters. If it doesn't show up in 2018, maybe it will appear in 2019. We'll see.

I do have some ideas for a sequel (of sorts) to my story; Snakes, Tricks or Treats, however I'm not sure it would be a good idea for me to write it based off of the like/dislike ratio the story has so far. Of course if you're all curious and let me know I might just write it anyway.


As for readings I am hoping to finish up the last Gorgony Contest reading before this year is over (I'm just working on adding Music and Sound Effects now). Once that is done I will probably try to go back to some of my older projects and see if I can finish them. There is one story that I've been wanting to do a reading of but just like Monsters and Other Foalish Things it too, has suffered at the hand of computers dying on me. :ajsleepy:

A few people may know what it is. I was originally going to do a reading of To Drown a Butterfly, as the original author had asked me to do that some time ago, however after looking it up on Youtube it would seem others have beat me to it. I'm not sure if I should be happy or annoyed. :rainbowhuh:

There is an interesting ongoing story going on right now called, The Nameless Queen, which I have been enjoying. A part of me wants to do a reading of it, however another part of me is yelling saying that I should stick to reading Completed stories.

Well, that is it for now.

Thank you all for reading. :twilightsmile:

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Hehe, lots of ideas huh? Should be interesting to see Robi. Good luck with all that, and happy holidays my friend.

4757174 Thanks. Happy holidays to you too. :twilightsmile:


Also you are always welcome to read any of my short stories any time, just let me know so I can give you my feedback. :raritywink:

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