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Wow..... 200 · 12:08pm Dec 23rd, 2017

Just hit 200 followers... and yeah I know that it's small potatos even for this site, but it's still an amazingly larger amount then I ever thought I'd get, just wanted to give all of you a quick thank you, and also put up a kind of 'I'm not dead' announcement given my lack of activity lately. Anyway, I'm not dead, and I'm still working on stuff, just slowly.... this time of year is a massive drain on energy for me and been hard to find time to really do much, but do have a few things in the works.

First off, yes yes, the Luna/Starsong fic is still in the works, chapter 1 is pretty much done barring a final edit pass, working on chapter 2,but before that, have two other projects that hopefully I will be able to get done after the holidays. First, a non-Luna CTS pet play story written as a thank you to someone that's given me so much help with all of my writing. That one is written, just needs to be edited. Also chipping away at a more random, comedic story that is kind of Luna and Celestia MST3K'ing a movie from CTS Studios. Though not exactly, but that's a close idea.

Hopefully have those and more ready to go and up 'soon', till then, I'm so grateful for all those that enjoy my stories enough to be on the lookout for more! Thank you all, and Happy Hearthswarming!

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