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Help! My Heart is Full of Pony - What if... · 6:55am Dec 23rd, 2017

Okay, I’ve got a theory.

What if the Sun and Moon loved us, but, being massive spheres of space stuff, didn’t know how to tell us directly?  Might they seek out someone to convey their message?  Any parent can tell you that children have strange, creepy superpowers.  What if the Sun and Moon searched, and searched, and searched for the right child - a child with whom they could communicate directly?

What if they found what they were looking for in a young Lauren Faust - a gifted girl,  playing with her ponies?

Is it possible that these beings joined in her pony games on a subconscious level?  Is it possible that they visited her in dreams?  What if they used all their power to make themselves known, even in the tiniest, subtlest ways, all so that one day, as a writer and animator, Faust would draw inspiration from her pony-filled youth, and create Princess Celestia and Princess Luna?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, one obviously can not deny that these are fictional characters, but what if, on some level, they are meant to be?  What if these benevolent personifications (ponifications) of the Sun and Moon are doing exactly what the actual Sun and Moon intended - bringing joy and comfort to millions?

It may sound silly at first, but when you think about it - really think about how bizarre and unlikely it is that so many of us all came together around My Little Pony, of all things; that the fandom started out as a flame war on 4chan; that the show itself has changed so many lives; that it inspired so many people to pursue charitable works, or write stories, or songs - intervention of magical space stuff all of a sudden doesn’t seem all that implausible.

Okay, I admit, I’ve had some wine tonight.  #InVinoVeritas.

But all joking aside, seriously and for real, while I may not be saying that the Sun and Moon are literally magical space horses, I do think that Princess Celestia and Princess Luna can be very valuable in helping us sort out our feelings about the Sun and Moon.  They are things that we see every day - things that literally give us life every.  Single.  Day.  All too often, we take them for granted.

Maybe the idea of magical space horses steering the heavenly bodies was just we needed to wake us up, give us a kick in the butt, and say, “Hey!  Look at that!  It’s amazing.”


P.S.  I was just kidding.  It’s all real.  Magical Space Horses are a thing.  Search your feelings.  You know it to be true.

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Comments ( 8 )

Hehe Sprockett no Drunk blogging! :derpytongue2:

Meanwhile, Cadence is the manifestation of the Hasbro marketing department, which really does love us... or at least our disposable income. :raritywink:

I mean, don’t get me wrong, one obviously can not deny that these are fictional characters, but what if, on some level, they are meant to be?

That is an amazing theory, like everything you write here! Though, it goes against my theory that Celestia and Luna actually exist somewhere cause Equestria actually exists somewhere, so I can't root for that theory of yours very much.
But how about this:

Equestria does exist and so do Celestia and Luna and the sun and the moon used their power to connect Lauren Faust's incredibly imaginative mind to them over in Equestria, so she could see what is happening there and, therefore, write everything down? Like a bringer of news from another world..... That way, your theory still works.

I see no reason why it can't be a combination of factors. If the Sun and Moon, as sentient life forms, are interdimensional beings, they would definitely be aware of Celestia and Luna, and there's no reason why they couldn't use Lauren Faust's brain as a doorway.


Indeed. And we can spin it further from there:

Lauren Faust does not work on the show anymore, but the interest of the sun and the moon remained so, over time, they mentally connected others to Equestria as well; Meghan McCarthy, Dave Polsky, Amy Keating Rogers, perhaps everyone at DHX, so they could continue Lauren Faust's work and show us what is happening in Equestria.
It's a fascinating and wonderful thought. :heart:

I think there's probably a divergence of universes. I think all of the energy people put into the show gathers, and on some plane somewhere makes it real, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the original Equestria realm mirrors the show exactly. If it did, a continuity error might cause the entire universe to implode. :pinkiecrazy:


There we have the age-old question, what was there first? Equestria or the show? I say, Equestria was there first.
The show is merely a window, an open window through which we can see a part of this world.
This is also why there are no continuity errors. If something seems like a continuity error, then it is either because the one watching hasn't done enough thoughts on what they saw, or, it is because we don't have enough information.
Because there is something else at the other side of the window, at such an angle that we can't spot it from our sitting position in front of it.
At least, not without climbing through the window and checking it out ourselves.

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