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To all who come to this user page, welcome. I am TheIdiot; Head Author of the Alt-TCB Story SPECTRUM (and the occasional stuff on the side). Feel free to follow me if you so wish.

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TheIdiot Regarding: The Announcement Three Days Before The Holidays · 2:19am Dec 23rd, 2017

Hello, all! TheIdiot here once more to give you readers and watchers an update on what's current.

While there are just three days until an originally pagan holiday comes around, I have an announcement to give in regards to upcoming attractions here at SPECTRUM. But before I do that, I feel it necessary to bring up the fact that SPECTRUM now has its page set up at tvtropes.org. The only problem is that we have to share it with some Russian science-fiction novel and a pinball machine, but it's there.

Now, as for actual announcements, two of our authors - the popularly cultured Doctor Fluffy and entrancing Kizuna Tallis - have been at work getting new stories up and running. In this case, coming soon are two familiar stories and a new tale you've never seen before. To start with the former, we've got Doctor Fluffy's Light Despondent which focuses on the character of Victor Kraber. The next story on focus is Kizuna Tallis's Asia based adventure that features the Dragons of the East as they try and stay ahead of whatever happens to be currently threatening them.

But to be honest, what I'm most excited about is an entirely new side-story by Doctor Fluffy that - of all things - follows the perspective of a converted that can't seem to recall who they once were. The potential of this story alone has me eager to read what the good Doctor has... well, once it's up that is.

In any case, keep your eyes peeled fair readers and watchers - we've got plenty coming up in due time. Until then check out the tvtropes page or stick around with the main story.

Either way, though, "Merry Chris-hanukkah-mas and a Happy Rama-Kwanzaa-dan", everyone. We here at SPECTRUM hope you enjoy whatever winter related affair you have coming up.


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A perspective of a converted huh? Would be most curious if this produces the possibility of rogue newfoals. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought that the potion was not absolute.

I’m personally looking forward to that one.

It was in the classicsverse, but I didn't like that sort of thing, so I retconned it.

Wasn't even aware of it then.

Woo, happy Jinglemas

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