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  • 2 weeks
    My Thank You and Final Thoughts

    I found the man behind the curtain. I hated him. But he helped me.

    I know that the nature of the world I live in, this ending, is still a simulation. It's still some... contained universe of some being's creation.

    But I'm happy.

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    3 comments · 144 views
  • 85 weeks
    My Last Chance

    I have one last shot.

    This is going to take everything I've got.

    I've studied, searched, hacked and tried to break down every wall in front of me.

    All that's left is trying directly. I think I know the password now.

    If this works....

    It has to work.

    1 comments · 219 views
  • 94 weeks
    The Play Buttton

    I don't understand. I don't understand. I don't understand. I don't understand.

    For weeks. Months. Every single pony, animal, everything was just... frozen in time. I couldn't respond. I couldn't use the terminal.

    It was like the whole world was just... turned off.

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    1 comments · 264 views
  • 112 weeks
    Good Morning

    Something feels wrong here. What day is it?

    2 comments · 202 views
  • 131 weeks
    Rest Point

    I've reached the first small village on my route to the Capital. I was able to get some food for Red and myself as well as top off my water supplies.

    There's ponies here, gathering. Training. Some with knives. Some with guns. There's no consistency among them. I can't tell who is a soldier and who is a citizen. It feels more like a militia brewing than any sort of formal army.

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The Air is Frigid · 4:04pm Dec 22nd, 2017

It doesn't feel like Hearth's Warming.

Even in the desert, ponies put out small streamers and other decorations. All I feel is loneliness. All I feel is regret. I feel myself re-pouring over the words the Guide had written about my love and I.

I'm losing bits. Red is more of a financial burden than I realized she would be.

I'm at the end of my rope. I'm not sure what to do.

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