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    Hey. It’s December 20th. Today is my birthday 😃

    I’m 30 now.


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Birthday · 1:13am Dec 21st, 2017

Hey. It’s December 20th. Today is my birthday 😃

I’m 30 now.


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Comments ( 7 )

Happy birthday to you, my friend. :)

Happy birthday. 😀

You're in good company. Happy birthday.

happy old

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YAMGOTH!! :yay::yay::yay:
Aw thirty ain't so bad.
Just wait until you're sixty. :D

Eesh, don't log in for a week and see what you miss ...

Happy belated birthday! The 30s are a pretty good time; take it from someone who lived through them. :twilightsmile:

Argh, sorry, I missed this earlier. Happy 30! It's not so bad. If you want to have a family, or a high-level career, you have to get started on it now, but otherwise it's no big deal.

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