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Hi i'm NJH12 and I have a accont on Deviantart it is also NJH12. And I seriously need an editor.

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Spider-Mane: the tale of the spider-pony (concept / demo) · 3:17am Dec 20th, 2017

12/16/17 notes
0. Just an idea.
1. My spelling and grammar is so bad that 1 person thinks it is my 2nd language but it is not.
2. Please tell me somehow, if I get spelling/grammer wrong or if I "ruin" your experience with bad words/Beliefs/other things not mentioned here. I will also do my best to straighten things out if you don't understand it.
3. This is based on upcoming game Spider-Man PS4(what I have seen so far, until it comes out) and the TV show MLP:FIM(up to seasons 4 is canon in this story).
4. Most importantly, notes 1, 2, and 4 will now be on the first chapters of my books from here on out.
5. Summary:Peter Parker others know him by 'Spider-Man' was told by madam web the keeper of 'the web' that their is an entity a Pony that does not belong here in this dimension and needs to be raised by him, until she could properly locate and send the entity back home. Little did he knew he was becoming a father, to a pony. It's bad enough to juggle 2 life's, where one is a "heroic" life and where one is a "normal" life, now add the third life "family" and you get chaos.

______     ______
______  \  /  ______
      \ || /     
(     )(     )      C
______/ || \______
______/  \______

Should I do this?

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