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I guess I owe an explanation · 2:33am Dec 19th, 2017

Hoooo boy, where do I start?

I've been gone for a good chunk of the year and been silent, to put some worries to rest:

I am fine.

I still have that job I posted about back in May and things are going pretty well over there. I can finally say I have a steady income and by next year I will be able to move out of my parents place and move in with my girlfriend (I am still together with Maddie and we are doing quite fine. :yay:)

but... since that time, I've been putting off a thing I wanted to say.

*deep breaths, my heart is actually beating quite fast now typing this.*

I lost interest in My Little Pony, the brony fandom and FIMFiction.


You've probably heard this same spiel from other FIMFic users who left this site, I have my reasons and I don't know if I am able to put into words why I have lost interest in FIMFic entirely, but I will share a few things:

- I've put too much of my time into this site
I joined several years back and stuck around, all throughout my college years I did nothing more than homework, projects and spending a grand majority of my free time on FIMFic, it got even worse when I got a smartphone and I would check the site every hour for notifications. This has affected my social life to the point a majority of my friends are online and I don't have many people I can reach to outside of my family when it comes to my actual life.

- Stress, so much god damn stress
Managing the LGBT group has gone from something I enjoyed to doing nothing more than produce stress. I used to be able to handle things just fine throughout my college years as all I had to worry about was attending class for a small part of the day and doing homework. Since I graduated however, I now have responsibilities like work which limits a lot of my free time which includes managing the LGBT group and writing. I also know I have people who say they look up to me, and I sometimes worry I may say or do a thing they won't like, to the point I worry they may resent me.

- I want to expand my creativity
I am actually still interested in writing, but I want to move away from fanfiction as I feel it limits what I can do. I am actually looking into independent game development, this is still in a concept/planning phase and will be a long-term project, something I don't feel rushed into making like fanfiction where I feel I need to put out a chapter each month.

To be honest, this is only scratching the surface, I have a lot of reasons and conflicting feelings, but I can't exactly put it into words and it's tearing me up as I am not sure how everyone will feel about me leaving.

So what happens now? Well...

- I am passing ownership of the LGBT group to Furion, he will be responsible for all group activities in the future.
- If I am an admin in any other group like Anti-Depression Ponies, I will be stepping down.
- By Your Side only has one more chapter just to wrap things up, I will make an effort to make it a complete story sometime in the future.
- Any other stories I planned, including sequels are cancelled. Sorry y'all.

I know for some of y'all this sucks, but I am doing this as it has gotten to the point where if I am ever on FIMFic I am basically forcing myself on here which does nothing good for my mental health and stress. For now... I just want to say I am sorry for being away and silent. This will not be my last post on the site, but I want to finally open up to what's been happening and why I am not on here anymore.

(sorry if this blog post looks like a mess, I've been thinking for months on how to put this announcement together and been spending well over an hour typing up this post.)

Edit: I am still planning to watch season 7, and I liked the My Little Pony movie.

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and please, feel free to leave a comment. I feel more comfortable talking to y'all rather than typing another wall of text.

Hey, don't overstress yourself about this. Tastes and interests always change over time, and nobody's gonna judge you for yours changing as well. All that matters is that you're an amazing person, and a good friend regardless of fandom. I wish you nothing but the best in your future endevours. :)

Aww shit, now I am crying. You are so sweet V. Thanks. T-^

I've always admired you. You seem like a nice, strong person, and I wish you the best of luck in whatever you pursue next. I can understand how stress can get in the way of doing certain things. I hope you and your girlfriend are doing well ^^

Majin Syeekoh

If you think it’s best for you that you spend more time in meatspace and move away from Fimfiction, I don’t think anyone can hold that against you. I wish you well on your future adventures.

I sometimes worry I may say or do a thing they won’t like




Thank you. ❤

and we are doing fine, I am going to see her for Christmas soon.





Congrats, I kind of missed the announcement. ^^'

As for the stress, I'm sorry. You have the other staff to chat with as they probably go through the same shit, they can probably help you out in those bad times, I hope. :c

Majin Syeekoh

They didn’t really announce it. They just sort of gave me the position when I was on my way to the store to buy rum.:pinkiecrazy:

And yeah, thanks to the friends I’ve made on fimfiction, I have a lot of people I can talk to when things get rough.

But still.


(also still best wishes:heart:)

Best of luck, and thanks. ❤

:heart: 🌈 :heart:

You will be missed. Might need to reread "Music to His Ears" over break, heh :)

(But yeah, I second what TheVClaw said :heart:)

Thanks, fortunately I will be keeping my fics up as I do love my writings.

Have a good one. ❤

I'll miss seeing you around. Best wishes. :pinkiehappy:

See you space cowgirl

I feel you. A couple of us kinda slipped away and Pony became less of a priority. It happens. And that was a rough group to be an admin on! Best of luck in everything.


I don't really deeply care about the show or the movie; they are entertaining, and I collect some of the merchandise, but my real reason for being in the fandom is to give battle in the bitterly contested ideological war currently being fought.

That, and a wager I have going with Ocalhoun. He says he'll be the last person in the fandom standing; I called his bluff.

It looks like I'll be here for a while. I must admit things ain't the same with you gone. The war got a little grimmer, the light dimmed a little.




Fascinanante! **


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